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A Parent’s Guide to Bitmoji 2023

A Parent’s Guide to Bitmoji

By using the Bitmoji app, children can create characters from the available options. For kids, this is interesting because they can develop different avatars according to their creativity. Through the app, children’s imagination and creativity are enhanced because they can design male and female characters based on available options. But as a parent, you need to know information about this application because it may have a psychological effect on your children’s brain.

What Is the Bitmoji App?

The application belongs to the Snapchat family and is a wonderful creation of its planners. On this platform, users can easily create and then share roles. You can save your avatars and use them on various social media applications around the world. Best of all, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Here is how Bitmoji works:

  • Bitmoji is a free app that allows you to send personalized avatars to your friends and family through various chat programs.
  • This app has a large number of customization options that allow you to determine the appearance. You can change the hair, eye color, size, eyebrow appearance, and even the clothes that appear when you send the avatar to someone.
  • They also show happiness, fear, optimism, and countless other expressions.

What Do You Need to Know about Bitmoji?

You need to know Bitmoji in detail to protect children from their negative effects. Characters that users can create are sometimes associated with adult content, which is sometimes not suitable for children. Sometimes avatars can use offensive language. This will cause harm to your children’s body and mind. Here are some facts about Bitmoji:

1. Privacy Leakage

Technically, it is still possible for the application to obtain key press data. This does not necessarily mean that Bitmoji will record everything you type-because it is not a typical keyboard. Applications such as Bitmoji that collect user information and data always have a fragile side and may damage your online privacy.

2. Profanity Problem

While reading the reviews, some young users complained about inappropriate language in some of the stickers.

How to Protect Your Child from Bitmoji?

After you know that the Bitmoji app is not safe for your children, you must follow several possible methods to protect your child from its negative effects. There is no doubt that Bitmoji can enhance children’s creativity. However, if your children are creative enough, you can try to transfer their creativity to constructive ideas. There are many incredible activities for your age. You should try to keep children away from inappropriate apps and let them engage in crafts and artworks to keep them connected with reality. Here are several ways to protect children from Bitmoji:

1. Use A Monitoring App

Use a monitoring app for ensuring the remote supervision of the app. You can access the device as well as the online activities of your kids remotely. It has a number of other features that provide you easy access to the app.

2. Check Children’s Devices

Check your child’s mobile phone regularly, and if you find inappropriate content, you can take measures in a timely manner. Or you can block it from their devices.

iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor Bitmoji

Controlling children’s use of the Bitmoji app is the best way to protect children from the negative effects of the Bitmoji app. However, if your children have already installed the app, then you must take steps to monitor. The best way to monitor your children’s activities on the app is to use an effective monitoring tool such as iKeyMonitor. It can not only help you protect your children from the Bitmoji app but also know your children’s other online activities. The following are the key functions of iKeyMonitor:

1. Installed Apps Monitoring

The installed app monitoring function allows you to view which apps are currently installed on the target device. In addition, you can detect newly installed, inappropriate, or harmful apps like the Bitmoji app and take timely measures.

2. Monitor Chat Messages

You can track social media platforms such as the Bitmoji app, Facebook, Kik, TikTok, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. With iKeyMonitor, you can view your children’s chat conversations and protect them from online predators.

3. Take Screenshots

With this feature, you can take screenshots of online activities on your children’s phones. When a dangerous word in the Bitmoji app is detected, iKeyMonitor will periodically capture screenshots. Therefore, you can understand what activities your children are doing on the device and whether they need your guidance and help.

4. Get Alerted about Dangers

With iKeyMonitor, you will get alerts when your children are performing dangerous activities on the Bitmoji app. It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your children’s online activities so that you can take action when misconduct occurs.

Therefore, if you want to know whether Bitmoji is safe for children and whether parents should allow your children to use the latest creativity skills, the answer is that Bitmoji is not safe for children at all. You should use monitoring tools such as iKeyMonitor to protect them from online dangers. Now is the time for parents to recognize the threats your children may face online and then take action to protect them. Download iKeyMonitor and start monitoring your children!


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