Parent’s Guide: Is Instagram Reels Safe for Your Kids? 2024

Instagram has just launched a new video-sharing feature called Instagram Reels. It looks similar to TikTok videos, so it’s very popular with teens and younger children. The video-sharing feature is so addictive that it is difficult for you to make your kids put down their phones. In addition, online predators are likely to hide behind these videos, and their target is your children. As a responsible parent, you need to keep your kids safe on Instagram Reels.

What Is Instagram Reels?

Reels is a new way to create and discover interesting short videos on Instagram. It invites you to create funny videos to share with your friends or anyone on Instagram. You can use audio, effects, and new creative tools to record and edit 15-second multi-cut videos. You can also share Reels with your followers on the feed.

  • It is a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.
  • You can share Reels with your friends, followers, or anyone on Instagram.
  • You can interact with others through Reels by liking or commenting on their videos.

what is Instagram Reels

Is Instagram Reels Safe for Your Kids?

First of all, due to the cute dance steps, funny dubbing, and other interesting content, Instagram Reels is very attractive for kids. They may want to use it as a way to communicate with online friends, which is not safe. In addition, you cannot control the content that may pop up in the feed or prevent your children from interacting with strangers through public videos. It is very dangerous for children to chat with strangers on the Internet.

Online Predators

Child predators will see the videos shared by your children in the Instagram community or Feed. They may comment on your children’s videos or chat with your children privately to seduce them.

online predator

Privacy Leakage

The Reels shared by your children may contain their personal information, such as their school name or home address, and more. People with ulterior motives may use this information to harm your children.

Privacy Issue

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Instagram Reels?

It is the responsibility of every parent to ensure the safety of their children online, not only physically, but also psychologically. There are several ways to ensure the safety of your kids on Instagram Reels. Check the following proven ways:

Discuss with Your Kids

One of the best measures to protect your children from any form of bullying is to discuss it with them. Tell your children what the Instagram Reels feature is and how to use it properly. Tell them not to show their personal information and locations in their videos.

talk to kids

Make Clear Rules for Your Kids

Develop clear rules for using social apps for your children so that they will know what is allowed and what is strictly prohibited. Tell them that if they see pornographic or adult content, they should tell you first instead of sharing it with friends or others.

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Set Up the Built-in Parental Controls on Your Children’s Phones

Both Android and Apple devices provide a variety of parental control features that can help you ensure your children’s online safety. Check the following two links to keep your kids safe on Instagram.

Use A Parental Control App

To protect your kids from online dangers, you can use a parental control app to monitor their online activities. iKeyMonitor spy app allows you to monitor your children’s Instagram activities remotely. If you find inappropriate content on their Instagram Reels, you can take immediate steps to protect them.

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-11689" src="×336.jpg" alt="ikeymonitor android spy app” width=”640″ height=”336″ />

monitor instagram with iKeyMonitor Parental Control App

There are many videos containing adult content and child predators on Instagram Reels. Your children may imitate these inappropriate content or be tempted by strangers. You need to take steps to keep your kids safe on Instagram Reels. If you are looking for a free parental control tool, then the Family Link app is a good choice. If you need a powerful app with multiple monitoring features, you can try iKeyMonitor. It provides a free plan for you to use before purchasing.

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