Is it safe to install keylogger by clicking a link 2024

A lot of PC users want to know whether a keylogger can be installed by clicking a link or not. The answer is actually yes if you are able to tolerate great risk of getting a virus. However, we do not suggest purchasing and installing this kind of spy software on your computer because they can never be trusted.

The Problems of Installing Keylogger by Clicking A Link

  • Keyloggers which don’t require physical access to the user’s computer are always downloaded unwittingly as spyware and executed as part of a rootkit or remote administration (RAT) Trojan horse. You cannot check if the keylogger installation link is free from virus. But before install a keylogger via physical access, you can scan the installer by anti-virus software to make sure it is safe and clean for your computer.
  • It is hard to configure personal settings as your needs after you install the keylogger by clicking a link. Most of them have no keylogger user interface and there’s simply no telling about whether the keylogger software works fine.
  • How to view the logs is also a problem. Since the keylogger has no interface, it is not easy for you to view keylogger logs. You may think that you can receive logs by emails. But how do you set your emails up after installation?
  • Uninstallation becomes impossible if you are not tech savvy enough. Usually you have no idea about the location of the keyloggers, and the uninstaller of the keylogger is unavailable neither.

For your computer’s safety sake, please buy and download keylogger from a reliable keylogger software vendor (like Spy-Tech Software) instead of an unknowing link-clicking installation.

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