How to Use Spy Software to Log Text Messages?

Many parents want to find useful software to log text messages on their children’s iPhone and Android phones so that they can know whom their children are talking with. Nowadays smartphones are equipped with so many facilities that the youngsters are almost addicted to smartphones, which is a very big concern and pushes parents to […]

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Parents Must Understand the Importance of Monitoring Your Kid’s iPhone

Do you know that you can monitor your kid’s iPhone with an iPhone spy app? In this day and age, knowing what goes on your children’s cell phone is of utmost importance for many reasons. But the number one reason why parents must understand the importance of monitoring their kids’ iPhone is safety and security. […]

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Download A Keylogger to Monitor My kid’s iPhone 6

Can I download a keylogger for iPhone to monitor my kid’s iPhone 6? I am sure that many of the married men have thought about this in marriage relationship. After all, if you are a married man and you feel inclined to monitor kids for safety reasons, you are entitled to do so. In today’s […]

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Avoid Oversharing Dangers with Cell Phone Spy 301

Employee Spy Software

Many business owners opt for employee spy software to keep track of their employees’ working activities and ensure their companies’ productivity. This is understandable because the non-performance of staff will have negative effects on the company. However, for most empthe loyers, there is still a headache for them before deploying the employee spy software. That […]

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Mac Parental Monitoring Software for Kids Monitoring

Mac Parental Monitoring Software is one of the best solutions to monitor kids online activities. The parental control software monitors every movement on the Mac when you are not even present. The Internet is full of materials, no matter useful or harmful. Therefore, with the time going, the Internet has become an essential tool for […]

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Monitor Kids? Try Mobile Spy Apping Software 301

What Can You Do with Remote Spy Software?

The remote spy software has many powerful functions that can help you monitor kids and employees. The main features are following: Record Visited Websites And Chat Conversations The monitoring software logs chat conversations and allows you to access the activity logs from anywhere at any time. For example, you can know what he or she […]

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Can I Spy on the Mobile Phone without Physical Access?

You cannot spy on the mobile phone when you have no access to it; that is to say, mobile spy software cannot be remotely installed on the mobile phone.

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Is it safe to install keylogger by clicking a link

A lot of PC users want to know whether a keylogger can be installed by clicking a link or not. The answer is actually yes if you are able to tolerate great risk of getting a virus. However, we do not suggest purchasing and installing this kind of spy software on your computer because they […]

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Keep Tabs On Your Kids With Spy Software

Is there any spy software that let me know what my kids do online? I used to know exactly what my daughter was doing on her computer as I was sitting by her side when she did that. But now, the days will not come back anymore. Mrs Lynn, a mother of a 12-year-old girl. […]

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How Do I Detect A Remote Access To My Computer

Is there a way to detect the remote access by others? Hack technology is popular lately. Ranging from showing the high tech talent, stealing information for the business purpose to monitoring a naughty boy’s Face-book, the so-called computer geniuses or overprotective parents remotely access to others computers, carving for themselves. However, the hack behaviors are […]

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