Is Keylogger Legal Or Illeagal?

Keylogger is software installed into the computer to log or record keystrokes typed, including passwords, websites visited, chat conversations, applications used, and which even secretly records all the activities that take place on a computer. Definitely, there is privacy issues at stake here, people are wondering whether there are any laws regarding when they use […]

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Does Mac Get Keylogger Virus

As a Mac user, you may concern about a question: will the Mac device get infected by keylogger virus? You cannot have an exact answer for this question since nobody will tell you that. Now, you have a chance to get a certain reply: sure, Macintosh can get a keylogger virus. However, you will have […]

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Is it safe to install keylogger by clicking a link

A lot of PC users want to know whether a keylogger can be installed by clicking a link or not. The answer is actually yes if you are able to tolerate great risk of getting a virus. However, we do not suggest purchasing and installing this kind of spy software on your computer because they […]

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Mac keylogger? Legal? Free?

You may be confused that whether mac keylogger is legal to use or free to use. You may also be trapped in dilemmas about how to choose and use a Mac keylogger. Mac keylogger expert from Easemon Software will drop in a discussion about four situations in selecting a Mac keylogger and pave a way […]

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What is Keylogger Software?

A keylogger software is a program that records all input from the keyboard. Although often installed by malware on computers running Microsoft Windows, keyloggers are available for all operating systems such as Mac OS X and can be installed like any other software. System administrators may also use a keylogger in a non-malicious manner to […]

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