What Can You Do With an iOS Spy App?

How Can I Spy on My Son’s iPhone?

An iOS Spy App refers to the keylogger for iPhone, iPad, and iPod that can record all keystrokes, websites and so on. Using iKeyMonitor, you can watch your iOS devices such as the iPhone even if when you are away from it. You can easily know what others do with your devices by using iKeyMonitor – the best iPhone/iPad Keylogger.

What Can You Do With an iOS Spy App?

iKeyMonitor is a nifty little program that runs stealthily in the background on your iOS devices, and it records anything typed on the monitored devices. The spy app can be installed on the target iPhone and find out the truth behind someone. Of course you have the right to know the truth, so it can help you a lot without being detected.

1. Monitor Your Children with iOS Spy App

If your children are using an iPhone or an iPad, you can install a spy application for iPhone on their devices so that you can watch them clearly. Because it is more popular to use mobile phone, you can know more about your children by using a best iOS keylogger. It can help you log their sent and received SMS, visited websites, captured screenshots and so on, and all of these can be sent to you secretly by email or FTP.

2. Administrate Employees Efficiently

As an employer or business manager, you must have realized the importance of finding out if the company sources are used for non-business related purposes. By using iKeyMonitor iOS spy software, you can watch what your employees do on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch assigned to them on working time. It is so useful to help you figure out your employees’ behaviors that you can administrate your company better and better.

Tips: To monitor employees on Apple Mac OS X computers, please check out Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac!

3. Track Your Lost iPhone/iPad

Many people are crazy about losing things such as their iPhone/iPad and so on. Now you can use the iPhone tracker to track your lost iPhone/iPad, and have a chance to get them back quickly. Therefore, you needn’t worry any more about your lost or stolen iPhone/iPad.

What can you do with an iOS spy app? Definitely, you can solve many tough problems with iOS spy app such as iKeyMonitor. You are able to protect the kids from potential dangers online, improve employee efficiency and detect insider threats, find back the lost iOS devices, and keep an eye on the your children to see if they are hiding something from you. It’s also noteworthy that you may be able to spy on the devices of your children who are under 18 years old. But you’d better inform your employees of monitoring in advance!


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