New Features of iPad 3 – Keylogger for iPad 3 2024

Keylogger for iPad 3 – iKeyMonitor iPad 3 Keylogger which will record keystrokes, websites, screenshots and send logs via Email/FTP will be available soon.

Apple introduced the new iPad – the third generation of its category-defining mobile device on March 7, 2012. There are great many favorable features with the new-generation iPad 3. Let’s check out:

  • Faster Processing Speed
    The new iPad 3 has a faster processor than any of its predecessors. Apple uses A5X chip processing power in order to ensure the smoothness and fluidity of iPad 3.
  • Retina Display Capability
    The iPad 3 with a higher resolution is much more possible processing makes everything, including editing photos and playing games, you do on iPad more responsive.
  • Wi-Fi and 4G
    The iPad 3 is built-in with Wi-Fi and 4G in order to boost connectivity around the world. Users are able to download content and browse web quickly and easily.
  • Better Battery Life
    Although the new iPad has faster processors and higher resolutions, Apple still promises the 10 hours of power to read, watch, play, write, and create whatever users want.

The new iPad has been of great attention and will be appreciated for families and individuals. Then here is the question that many parents and guardians concern about: Is there an iPad 3 Keylogger available for my new iPad if I would like to monitor my kids? The answer is "Yes". iKeyMonitor will get a major update to make it better compatible with iPad 3 and offer more features. The iKeyMonitor iPad 3 Keylogger will be able to:

  • Log Keystrokes pressed
  • Record pasted content
  • Log Websites visited in Safari
  • Capture screenshots in any interval
  • Send logs to Email/FTP automatically
  • Secretly Monitor in automatic mode
  • Work on iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch
  • Work with Password Protection

This iPad 3 Keylogger will be available soon. However, you need to jailbreak your iPad 3 before you install iKeyMonitor – the iPad 3 Keylogger.

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