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iPad mini keylogger refers to the spy software for iPad mini that can be used to monitor all things happening on the iPad mini such as recording all keystrokes and passwords typed, all visited websites in Safari, captured screenshots and more. keylogger for iPad mini is popularly used to help all iPad mini users monitor and record all things done to make everything under your control.

The Necessity of Installing iPad Mini Keylogger?

It is very important and essential for people to install an iOS keylogger app, especially when the iPad mini was released and has become more and more popular in our fast and modern life. With a smaller, thinner and lighter design, it allows people to hold it in the palm and stash it in your bag without taking the extra iPad bag, which is more convenient to take and use. What’s more, it also provides a perfect experience to people as big as iPad, so more and more people prefer to use it to surf the Internet, watch videos, play games and much more.

Of course, it brings many benefits to users. However, many activities when people begin using their iPad mini may get themselves into trouble.

For example, many teens love to use iPad mini to share photos, videos on their social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. And many people make many new friends online without any alert. Actually, it is reported that many predators are always waiting online to take advantage of those who are easy to cheat. And they also get much private information to threaten and harm them online, which are all dangerous but true things happening in the real world.

Is the iPad Mini Keylogger Useful?

With an iPad mini spy software installed, nothing is issue any more. Because it can record all keystrokes including the passwords typed, all contents that users type on the iPad mini will be recorded in detail. Parents can use it to record all typed contents to know what children often do on the iPad mini. And they also can get the passwords typed by their children, so they can easily enter their private social media sites to check if they post some inappropriate things on it or if they make some bad friends online.

Besides, the iPad keylogger monitors and records all websites visited on the Safari. All the URLs and titles of the visited websites will be recorded clearly even though the web history is deleted. In addition, it captures screenshot in any preset interval to give a visual image about what the iPad mini users are doing in real time. The iPad Mini keylogger not only supports recording Facebook instant messages currently but also captures screenshots to help you know clearly about what has happened to their Facebook pages. The captured screenshots can let you know more than those above, such as recording a video chat, videos and photos viewed, instant messages and much more.

Want to monitor all activities occurring on the iPad mini of your children or iPad mini? Don’t hesitate any more, download the iPad Mini keylogger for a free trial right now! You will find how useful it is to monitor and protect children’s online safety!

What Does An iPad Mini Keylogger Do for You?

The iPad Mini’s ultra-thin and light design is far more intimate and booklike than original larger iPad, which is also why it quickly occupies the market and becomes more and more popular in our life. Likewise, attention should also be paid to the security of the iPad Mini. iPad Mini Keylogger is the most professional spy software for iPad Mini that can be installed on your iPad Mini to monitor all things happening on it so that you can keep all things done on the target iPad Mini under your control. Because there are more and more people who like to surf the Internet with iPad Mini, iPad Mini spy software is also increasingly in demand for its professional online protection. Now let’s look at what the iPad Mini keylogger can do for you.

  • Record all keystrokes typed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    iPad Mini Keylogger records all keystrokes that you typed on your keyboard, which almost helps you record all things you do on your iPad Mini, such as record all kinds of passwords you type, email you sent, chat messages you sent.
  • Record text messages pasted
    iPad Mini keylogger also can record all text messages pasted on the iPad Mini, which allows you to know more about what they do if the iPad Mini users like to copy and paste content.
  • Record web activity
    Web activity monitoring is the most important and necessary feature for people who want to guarantee the security of the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini Keylogger records all websites that are visited in Safari, so you will know exactly if your kids have viewed some unhealthy websites such as porn web pages, violent videos and more.
  • Capture screenshots
    The iPad Mini spy also captures screenshots of your iPad Mini, which helps you know more things that users do with iPad Mini. For example, when the iPad Mini users are watching videos or viewing photos with their iPad Mini, the captured screenshots can help you record all things they do by taking a picture of your iPad Mini screen.
  • Complete protection Guaranteed
    The iPad Mini Keylogger runs every time when the iPad Mini starts and works on iPad Mini in a completely invisible mode, so all logs are recorded automatically and secretly. Users can find there is spy software working on their iPad Mini. Besides, for better protection, password also can be set by yourself if someone wants to enter the software. So this keylogger for iPad Mini provides complete protection for all users.

Apart from all these functions mentioned above, there are many other features about the iPad Mini. Fortunately, we provide a Free Trial edition of the iPad Mini Keylogger for you, get it right now!

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