How to Hack Instagram Accounts and Passwords For Free 2024

Do you want to hack someone’s Instagram account? If the answer is yes, then in order to succeed, you need an Instagram hack app. What is the best tool on the market? iKeyMonitor is the best way to hack Instagram. It is specially developed for parents and employers. This free Instagram hacker app is trustworthy and can be used on both Android and iPhone devices.

Why Do You Need an Instagram Hack App?

Instagram has become a popular social media app among teenagers and children. As a parent, you are responsible for protecting your children from online dangers. You may want to know your children’s Instagram account and password, iKeyMonitor free Instagram hack app helps you hack their Instagram. The online world is full of sexual aggressors, scammers, and bullying, and children are always easy to trust others. With Instagram spy app, you can take action in time to protect your children from potential dangers. It allows you to keep track of sent and received text messages, photos sent and received, all keystrokes typed on the target devices, take screenshots when alert words are detected, listen to phone surroundings, set multiple safe and forbidden zones on the target device.

Parental Control

You can use Instagram hack app to ensure your children’s online safety. You can monitor all your kids’ Instagram activities. In addition, if you find that your children have done something that you are not allowed on the smartphone, you need to talk to them and tell them about potential dangers.

parental control

Employee Monitoring

As an employer, you can use an Instagram spy app. You can check whether your employees are working hard or use Instagram to kill time on their mobile devices. In addition, you can also detect whether employees have leaked company secrets to others, so you can take timely measures to protect company interests.

Monitor Your Employees

Three Proven Ways to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account

Here are three ways to help you hack someone’s Instagram account, you can choose the appropriate method to use.

Use iKeyMonitor to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account

iKeyMonitor is an Instagram hacker that helps you monitor activities on Instagram. This feature is only available for jailbroken devices, and you must make sure to disable all antivirus software running on the target device, as it will prevent iKeyMonitor from running. Please follow the steps below to install iKeyMonitor:

  1. First, sign up for a free plan and install iKeyMonitor Instagram hacker app.
    sign up
  2. Next, log in to the online Cloud cloud panel
  3. Then, you can go to Logs > Chats > Instagram to monitoring Instagram activities.
    Logs - Chats - Instagram

Use Forgot Password Feature to Hack Instagram Account For Free

If you can get hold of someone’s Instagram account and his/her device, this is the simplest method ever. To use this method to hack Instagram password, follow these steps:


  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. On the login screen, tap Get help signing in below Log in.
    Tap signing in
  3. Select Use Username or Email, Send an SMS, or Log In with Facebook.
    Send an SMS
  4. Enter your information and follow the on-screen instructions.


  1. Open Instagram.
  2. On the login screen, tap Forgot Password above Log In.
  3. Tap Username or Phone.
  4. Enter your email address, username, or phone number, then tap Next.

Use Ighack to Hack Instagram Account and Password

Another safe way to hack Instagram passwords, ighack doesn’t need to download any apps on your device. The best part about ighack is that it is untrackable, so others can’t find it. To successfully crack, you should follow these steps:

  1. Open the official website of ighack and click Start hacking!.
    Start hacking
  2. You will find a textbox for entering the username of the account. Enter the correct username of the account.
  3. Now, you can click the Hack! button.
    click Hack
  4. You can use the provided password to hack the particular Instagram account.

Hack Instagram Accounts with iKeyMonitor Instagram Hacker for Free

iKeyMonitor Instagram hack app is a free spy app for android and iPhone which helps you monitor kids on Instagram. It tracks keystrokes typed on Instagram, captures screenshots of Instagram photos and chats messages. With these features, you can easily hack Instagram account and password of your kids and know what they are doing on this popular social media app. Furthermore, iKeyMonitor also enables you to spy on conversations on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Line, WeChat, and so on. It logs SMS text messages, call history, clipboard, website visited, GPS locations, and call recording. The best Instagram hacker app offers a free plan for you to enjoy almost all the features before purchasing.

Capture Screenshots on Instagram to Detect Suspicious Photos

iKeyMonitor regularly takes screenshots of Instagram activities, including photos, videos, and chat messages. It can also capture screenshots of touch operations or when alert words are detected in keystrokes or app names such as Instagram.
Instagram screenshots

Block Instagram to Protect Your Kids

With iKeyMonitor Instagram hacking tool, you can set time limits on Instagram or block Instagram app so that your children will not use this app too much and will not be severely affected by this app. For certain apps and games that are considered unsafe or harmful to children, you can always block them online.


Set Screen Time Limit on Instagram

iKeyMonitor allows you to set the maximum usage time of Instagram. You can remotely control the time your children spend on their devices, so as not to let these smartphones and affect their physical and mental health.

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed on Instagram

iKeyMonitor records every keystroke on Instagram, including typed words and text pasted on the monitored device. It can even record words automatic as asterisks. The keylogger enables you to detect whether your children are in trouble on the Internet.
keystrokes on iphone

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities on Instagram

With iKeyMonitor, you only need to add the words or apps such as Instagram you want to follow, and everything is ready. When your children trigger the alert words on their devices, you will receive instant alerts.

get alerts


Today, with the rapid development of technology, monitoring others has become a less complicated thing. People are curious about what others are doing. Parents want to know if their children are safe or what they do online. Employers need to figure out if employees are working hard. With the Instagram hack app, you can track the online activities of your children or employees. What’s more, you can remotely spy on their actions without being detected by them. The cyber-world feeds flooded with Internet predators, scammers, and too much inappropriate content. In order to prevent your children from online threats or protect company confidential information, you can download the Instagram spy app on the target device and gain control of everything.


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