Best Instagram Tracker: How to Track Instagram Online for Free 2024

Recently, social networking platforms such as Instagram are very popular among young people. Usually, children use Instagram to share their feelings. For parents who want to track their children’s activities, an Instagram tracker is a good helper. There are many dangers on Instagram, such as child predators and adult content. Therefore, you need to track your kids’ Instagram activities to protect them.

Why Do You Need to Track Instagram?

Using an Instagram tracker app, you can easily track the Instagram likes and followers of your kids/employees and check if there are any issues. You can also track the screenshots of photos and videos posted on someone’s account.

Parental Control

Children love to use the Instagram photo-sharing app for entertainment and socializing, so it is easy to become a target for predators or cyberbullies. You need to track your kids’ Instagram to protect them from online dangers.


Employee Monitoring

Monitoring employees’ Instagram activities can determine whether employees are really working as hard as they seem. Some employees even leaked confidential business information through Instagram. This irresponsible behavior may greatly harm your company’s interests. Monitoring employees’ Instagram activities can help you easily spot laziness and deceive employees.

Monitor Your Employees

How to Spy on Someone’s Instagram Activity with iKeyMonitor?

If you want to monitor the Instagram accounts of your children, you need to install a spy app like iKeyMonitor. iKeyMonitor is one of the most reliable Instagram spy apps on the market. It allows you to track chat messages, keystrokes, and screenshots on Instagram. Here are the steps to get iKeyMonitor:

  1. Sign up for a free plan and install iKeyMonitor.
    sign up
  2. Log in to the Online Cloud Panel.
    android cloud panel
  3. You can go to Logs > Chats > Instagram to view Instagram messages.
    Logs - Chats - Instagram

Track Someone’s Instagram Account with iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a phone monitoring tool that can be used to track Instagram followers of your children remotely. Here are some ways iKeyMonitor helps you monitor instagram activities:

Capture Screenshots on Instagram to Detect Suspicious Photo

It will regularly capture screenshots of Instagram activities, including photos and videos. It will visually display your children’s actions on Instagram. You can check the pictures/videos your kids posted on Instagram.

Instagram screenshots

Block Instagram to Protect Your Kids

It can block apps and games on the target device. You can block Instagram at any time or set the maximum daily usage time of Instagram. In this way, you can protect your children’s eyesight and keep them away from Instagram addiction.


Set Screen Time Limit on Instagram

It supports limiting the screen display time on your children’s devices. It allows you to limit the time your children spend on Instagram, and you can freely block this app during certain times.

Screen Time Limit

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed on Instagram

It tracks every keystroke typed on Instagram, including pasted text, so you can clearly understand what happened on Instagram and whether you need to take steps to protect your kids.

Track Keystrokes

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities on Instagram

Using this feature, you can immediately receive notifications when your children perform dangerous or inappropriate actions on Instagram. In this way, when they fall into unnecessary troubles, you can take timely measures.

get alerts

Instagram Spy FAQs

Is there an Instagram tracker?

Yes. iKeyMonitor Instagram tracker online free allows you to spy on Instagram messages by capturing Instagram screenshots and logging Instagram keystrokes.

What’s the best Instagram tracker app?

iKeyMonitor is the best Instagram tracker app for tracking Instagram activities. It allows you to track incoming and outgoing Instagram messages, log keystrokes typed in Instagram, and capture screenshots of Instagram photos and chats.

How do you track someone’s activity on Instagram?

To track someone’s activity on Instagram, you need physical access to install iKeyMonitor on someone’s phone. After installing iKeyMonitor free instagram spy app, you can log in to the Cloud Panel on your phone to check the tracking logs.

Can you restore deleted Instagram messages?

Yes. iKeyMonitor records the Instagram messages deleted after the installation of the iKeyMonitor Instagram account tracker. It cannot log the messages deleted before the installation.


Fortunately, you can use iKeyMonitor to monitor your kids’ Instagram activities. With this Instagram tracker, you can check the keystrokes entered by your children on Instagram, and monitor the screenshots of your children’s Instagram chats and photos. Once you detect any inappropriate Instagram activity on their devices, you can sit down with them and teach them how to use Instagram properly. Try iKeyMonitor today!


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