How Do You Make Sure Your iPhone Is Being Spied on? 2024

Spying on cell phones has become quite popular over the past couple of years so that many people have concerns that their iPhones are being spied on. In this day and age, it is very scary to think that there may be someone who is spying on you. You should now stop worrying over a thought that someone could be spying on iPhone. Spying has some good advantages especially for parents who are trying to control what their kids should do on their iPhones. How to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone? What are the signs?

Clear Signs that Your iPhone Is Being Spied on

There are ways with which you can find out if your iPhone is being spied on. However, some professional spy apps such as iKeyMonitor are automatic and they log SMS, call history, GPS, chats, websites visited, keystrokes, passwords, capture screenshots and deliver all these logs to your email or FTP. There are some clear signs that your iPhone is being spied on:

Battery Runs Down Faster

Using spy apps increases the use of your iPhone battery. When you notice sudden changes in your battery life, you should know that with time, the battery life will diminish naturally and you should be on the lookout for any kind of dramatic change. This is common if you, as the person spying on the target iPhone, are using cheap spy software or app. For the more modern programs such as iKeyMonior, they are quite hard to be spotted and there is no significant change in battery usage.

Abnormal Phone Behavior/Activity

This may be another indicator that you are being bugged. The abnormal behavior is caused by disruptions on your screen if there are programs that are installing on their own. It is therefore important to pay attention if you notice this strange behavior, for it could be another party trying to access your phone. Once you acquire the iPhone, it is important for you to go through and study it. This will help you to note a certain change easily.

Presence of Unusual Background Noises

This type of abnormality can be noises and unusual clicks when making a call, which is an indicator that your iPhone device is being monitored. Some spy software monitors and records your calls. There are some exceptions that are caused by bad network but when this issue keeps on occurring, and it is almost certain that you are spied on.

Random Phone Shut Down or Start

There are some spy apps that cause the phone to start up when it is switched off and/or when it is in use, there is a random shut down. If this issue occurs regularly, it is time to take action but then again there are spy apps such as iKeyMonitor that would not cause such abnormality.

You Receive Lots of Unusual text messages

For the spy apps that are installed remotely, they work by sending secret coded messages and this can often be seen if the app is not working properly. Such text messages do not require one to respond, and all you need to do is open the messages, just like how some emails work. It is therefore very important to know the source of ext messages.

Increase in the Usage of Data

Spy programs often send the monitored iPhone activities to online servers, which may result in the usage of your data plan. If your iPhone data gets used up faster, then you need to check if someone is monitoring your iPhone. This was common for older spy apps while it has been changed with the current spy apps. The only time the data usage can be noticeable is when they are transferring huge files such as videos.

Spy on iPhone with Secure and Automatic Spy App

The six signs mentioned above will happen when old and insecure apps are installed on the target device. However, iKeyMonitor, as the most secure and Automatic spy app, is hard to be detected since it won’t influence the usual performance of the target device. The battery won’t run down quickly. There won’t be strange activity on the device. The device won’t start up or shut down unexpectedly. Strange text messages won’t be sent to the device. As parents, if you are looking for an iOS spy app which is hard to be detected and removed by children, iKeyMonitor is your top consideration.

The above are the six major signs that your iPhone is being spied on. As a parent, it is very normal to wish the best for your kids and for sure sometimes your kids outdo you. When you install spy apps on their iPhones, children are able to detect them and remove them. I would recommend you go for the most secure and professional iKeyMonitor which cannot be detected and the target iPhone will perform the normal operations.


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