What Can You Do with Remote Spy Software? 2024

The remote spy software has many powerful functions that can help you monitor kids and employees. The main features are following:

Record Visited Websites And Chat Conversations

The monitoring software logs chat conversations and allows you to access the activity logs from anywhere at any time. For example, you can know what he or she is talking about on the MSN even if your kids or employees delete the chat records. In addition, the remote spy records websites visited, you can know what social sites your kids are visiting or who your kids are contacting with.

Log Keystrokes Typed And Emails Sent And Received

The spy software can also help you log all incoming e-mails which used to be accumulated, or your kids change the mailbox password and don’t tell you about it. Well, the spy software logs email activities and all typed keystrokes, including passwords, and thus it helps you to know what happened.

Keep Track of User’s Total Active Times

The monitoring software logs website visit duration and application usage duration, you can know the amount of time your kids spending on the computer. Besides, the remote spy software can be used to monitor the computer while you are away, so you can know your kids’ or employees’ total active times remotely.

The remote spy software records every activity on the computer, chats, websites, emails, keystrokes, and passwords included. Moreover, the spy software which allows you to view real-time activity requires no physical installation .


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