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If you run a company or are in the admin department that handles compliance issues, you couldn’t miss a good helper: remote employee monitoring software. You may be conscious that employees are addicted to social networking, like a viral disease. They work, too, but they still manage to proceed with personal online activities even though their company’s policy doesn’t permit them.

As time passes, you may realize that social networks are not the only threat to your productivity. Personal chats, emails, online shopping, e-ticketing, and so on are some activities that every individual will indulge in for some time or more if they are not monitored. PC remote monitoring could be your right arm if these all bother you.

Employee monitoring seems to be a hot topic of discussion among human resource departments and managers. They are looking more closely at maintaining the healthy development of the most valuable business resources and ensuring employees are working at optimum levels of efficiency. A tool called employee monitoring software has been discovered and brought on board.

Organizations must rely on existing federal and state provisions to determine the extent of electronic monitoring. In the US, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986 and recent case law provide some guidance.

The ECPA governs electronic communications and extends the federal wiretap statutes to include other electronic communications. Because the ECPA focuses on conversations, exclusions from the law exist. For example, stored e-mail messages are not considered contemporaneous electronic communications under the Act, as they are not simultaneously sent and intercepted. Organizations with an acceptable business reason may intercept and review employee e-mails transmitted on the firm’s networks. The “ordinary course of business exception” makes it easier for employers to prove legitimate business reasons for computer monitoring, especially in light of recent legislation to increase client information security.

Prior court rulings suggest that reasonableness is a standard applied to employee monitoring activities. Electronic monitoring is reasonable when there is a business purpose, policies exist to set employees’ privacy expectations, and employees are informed of organizational rules regarding network activities and understand the means used to monitor the workplace. Organizations should obtain consent from employees regarding monitoring or surveillance activities. Legal advisors suggest that it is essential for employers to demonstrate that monitoring is a routine and known activity in the firm.

Why to Monitor Employee Computers

Why do companies spy on employees? The answer is simple: Relatively inexpensive and easy to install, employee monitoring software helps companies maintain operations at optimum levels and professionally utilize company resources, enhancing employee productivity.

Why are employees so taboo against employee tracking software? Employee monitoring software logs every activity on the computer, including emails, keystrokes, FTP file transfers, websites visited, applications used, USB stick usage, and so on. With this software, employers can discover everything employees have done on the computer.

On the one hand, the employer needs to ensure that staff are loyal and not waste the company’s resources by monitoring them. On the other hand, the employees want to keep their privacy as their activities are watched by the monitoring software for employees. Then, how to manage this situation? The employer may pay more attention to preventing information leaks and enhancing employee efficiency and business productivity rather than an invasion of privacy. The employees should be conscious of their responsibility and raise their awareness of privacy protection. Just spend less time on non-work or recreational websites during working hours. If you work during work hours, you are safe even if you are monitored by the employee monitoring software.

Employee monitoring software has become widespread in the workplace because of its positive effectiveness. It is the most useful computer monitoring software for a company, and it can do a great favor for the company if both employers and employees can balance it.

What Can You Do with Employee Monitoring Software

Professional employee spy app (or keystroke logger software) tracks all employees’ computer and internet usage, including every keystroke employee’s typing on their keyboard, websites visited from any browsers, applications used, and files transferred. Based on monitoring reports generated by employee monitoring software, it’s easy to check whether employees are floating on Facebook, Instagram, IM Chat, or free online games. With the content filtering tool built-in, employee monitoring software filters those time-wasting websites from being visited by employees and specifies applications from being used by staff. It then emails the administrator as long as employees have triggered specific alerts.

Employee Monitoring Shows More than Productivity

Employee monitoring shows more proof of Human Resources than a lack of low productivity. The monitoring reports also show employees’ inner information in the workplace. Knowing about these activities will tell Human Resources a lot about employees and give a glimpse into their behaviors and ambitions in the workplace, such as leaking company confidentiality. Employee monitoring software helps companies keep all insecurity factors in the bud and helps them develop healthy habits.

With the misconception that home employees are not being monitored at their own houses by their employers, many home employees tend to abuse the chance given to them and do some work-unrelated things. And this will lead to inefficiency as a result. To solve this problem, employers need to apply an employee monitoring app that keeps tabs on every activity on the employees’ computers, such as keystrokes, instant messages, emails, browsed sites, applied applications, etc. Thus, employers can know whether their staff are doing inappropriate things during paid office hours and can take steps if necessary. In a word, the company’s productivity can be increased with employee monitoring software.

Optimizes Human Resources?

What do you usually do during working hours? Besides the things related to your job, it seems there are many more options: play games, chat with friends, browse entertainment websites, and so on. Most people think these leisure tricks will not affect the whole, but today, they may become obstacles to promotion.

Once the employee spy app is installed in the office computer system, it can monitor the staff who use the devices. After several days of watching, executives will get a map of HR which clearly shows employees who are hard-working for the company and who are indolent.

According to Charnock’s introduction, the executive of a software company in California, the black sheep in the office will become terror-stricken at the software. However, it’s good news to those unrecognized industrious and genius employees. They do not need to recommend themselves to the boss at threat of being dismissed; the software can find them out.

As the computer becomes increasingly indispensable in every field, employers can learn employees’ behaviors, plans, interests, and professional skills by analyzing the “electronic trace” they leave.

Business executives import quantitative technology into the HR department to calculate every employee’s investment income.

Aassists in tracking working time

Many full and part-time telecommuters are paid by hours. Without monitoring, they will likely abuse their office hours and do their private things with full payment. And as a consequence, employers will suffer a loss. To protect employers themselves, employers need to use employee spy software. Employee monitoring software like EAM professional owns a time tracker module, a powerful tool to analyze which applications the employees apply and how much time they spend in a day. In brief, employers know how much time their home workers are working.

Helps to tell disloyal employees

It is important to point out that there is a vulnerability for employers because workers have access to important company data and business secrets. What’s more, the fact that not all employers are loyal to their employees increases the level of vulnerability. So it is a prior issue for employers to prevent information leaks and tell who is disloyal. Employers can quickly know who is disloyal by using employee monitoring software, such as the employee spy app, which logs emails, chat messages, transferred FTP files, USB stick usage, and computer usage. With employee monitoring software, employers can know how the company information is transferred. And proper steps will be taken to prevent information leaks.

Prevents information leaks

Sometimes, a single worker can cause your company to suffer drastic financial losses due to information leaks. As the head of a company, you must take proper actions, such as installing an employee monitoring program to prevent it. After installing employee monitoring software, you can record the workers’ keystrokes, emails, and messages and transfer FTP files. Then you know who will likely send the company’s business secrets to the outside, and you can stop it promptly. In short, employee monitoring software enables you to ease your mind of worrying about information leaks in the company.

Safeguards important information

Besides logging employees’ Internet activity, monitoring software is also useful for recording. The logs can be preserved and stored on the local server. With employee monitoring software, losing important information would never be a problem if you have employees who forget to store it after finishing an important paper or datasheet or if your company’s computers are hacked by a virus. Even if crucial information is lost accidentally, you can restore it using employee monitoring software.

Stops unpermitted downloads.

Employees could put your company at risk by downloading illegal applications, copyrighted material, porn videos, and infected software. These activities will slow down your Internet speed and infect your computers with viruses; worse, these actions may result in a lawsuit. In any of these cases, the company will incur damages. How do we stop it completely? The employee tracking software is a good solution for the company. Acting as a content filtering tool, the employee monitoring software blocks sites from being visited and applications from being run by the employees. And thus, the workers cannot download unpermitted materials.

Conflicts between Employee Monitoring and Employee’s Privacy

According to the research, most companies use employee monitoring software to monitor their staff, and about 70 percent of these companies have improved their employee’s productivity and efficiency. Surveillance is a necessity in the company. However, employees feel that employee monitoring software is unacceptable as their privacy may be violated by the employee monitoring. The conflict between the employee spy app and the employee’s privacy is a hot controversy in the company.

The Best Employee Monitoring Solution For Small businesses

All small business owners know the importance of employee monitoring during working hours to review employee performance, protect company assets, safeguard proprietary information, and avoid abusing company resources. However, in the startup stage of the small business, employers may feel they cannot pay the cost of constructing an employee monitoring system. Unless, of course, some are lucky enough to have an IT department to complete this work. Most small business owners who want to monitor their employees must plan all these by themselves, and employee monitoring software is the most attractive and available.

Dozens of monitoring programs specifically guide business owners in monitoring their employees. Typically, employee monitoring software will monitor activities such as emails, keystrokes, and website visits. Some extreme monitoring units will take screenshots of the employees’ computers or spy in real time on their computer desktops. Small business owners may be concerned about many of the following points when selecting the best employee monitoring for their companies.

The Concerns of Small Business Owners

  • Which software program will work the best to suit the culture of the workplace?
  • Is the program easy to install and use?
  • Is the program installed on my server or on each computer individually?
  • Will employees be aware of the existence of the software?
  • Is there a free trial available before purchasing?
  • Which software offers fair pricing considering a lacking budget?
  • Will I get free support after purchasing?
  • After reviewing common issues regarding choosing the best solution for small businesses, we recommend Imonitor as the best employee monitoring tool for all small business owners. Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Choose Employee Activity Monitor.

Best Mac Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Mac

Use Easemon Mac Keylogger as an employee monitoring keylogger to monitor your office Mac computers and examine your staff’s working status and communication situation.

Have you been thinking about monitoring the utilization of your office Mac computers?

Whenever you have employees who need to use computers to complete their jobs, you may have difficulty determining what they are performing. This can be specifically possible if they run Mac computers in their personal offices or delete logs before shutting down the Mac office. In this case, random computer checking and surveillance cameras will fail to complete your monitoring work.

Tips To Choose The Ultimate Employee Monitoring Solution

Employers are looking for the best employee monitoring solution these days. Staff are the most crucial asset. However, low efficiency, even non-performance big-time operators in companies, would be a headache for HR management and a big obstacle to business development. Fortunately, with modern technology, monitoring is distinctive and provides company leaders with employee monitoring solutions to this problem.

There are several employee monitoring tools.

  • Record typed keystrokes by users on all network computers
  • Record conversations on IMs such as Facebook/Instagram/Telegram Messenger
  • Record emails sent and received, websites visited
  • Snap remote screenshots in fully parental control background
  • Monitor remote computer desktop in real-time

If you’ve drawn up a plan, we will share some tips here to help you achieve the ultimate solution.

Size of your company

The size of your company determines which version, such as standard, professional, and enterprise edition, and how many licenses you need to purchase. For example, the Business edition is designed for companies with fewer than 100 employees, while the Enterprise edition is more suitable for larger companies.

Special and professional features

Most spy apps for employees on the market contain basic functions such as monitoring keystroke logs, websites visited, emails, instant messages, and real-time desktops. Remote keylogger software can usually easily achieve these basic functions. However, professional employee monitoring software only provides enhanced features like flexible employee time trackers, customized reports, and database records.

Try before purchase

The reliability and performance of the employee monitoring program are the elements on which you need to focus. You will have a comprehensive experience during the software trial time. Only vendors confident in their software quality will let users try before they purchase. The latest version claims to extend trial time from 15 to 30 days, while most other employee monitoring products do not offer free trials.

Cost issues

With respect to the company budget, it’s better to select cost-friendly monitoring software that offers different budgets or multi-license discounts. In addition, upgrades should be free. Taking all these into account would save you a lot of bucks.

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