When Should You Block Facebook on Android? 2024

When is it necessary for you to block Facebook on Android phones and tablets? When you find that you tend to spend almost all of your time glued to your Facebook page, or perhaps your children are spending most of their study time on Facebook, or maybe your employees, all they do is browse through Facebook instead of being productive at the workplace. Then maybe it is time you got a hold of iKeyMonitor Android app blocker, which can monitor, control and restrict usage on Android phones and tablets. What’s more important, it supports the feature of blocking Facebook on Android phones and tablets secretly and remotely.

How Does iKeyMonitor Block Facebook on Android?

Given that iKeyMonitor is compatible with all Android operating systems, all you need to do is download and install the app on the target device. The app, in turn, monitors all activities on the particular Android phone, such as keystrokes, accounts, and passwords inputted on Facebook, entered logs, chat conversations and voice messages in Facebook, screenshots of Facebook activity, and send the monitoring logs directly via email for you to view at you own time.

With the setup complete, you can see if your children are getting distracted by all the online activity. You can also check on your employees to see that they don’t give away company information and also that they don’t idle around. If you find that Facebook is the greatest problem in any of the above cases you can decide to deactivate facebook on Android.

You can set different rules to block Facebook on Android. For instance, you can block Facebook when your children should go to bed or do their homework. Facebook will be automatically unblocked when the limited time is over. You can also block Facebook absolutely on your employees’ Android devices so that the company-distributed devices are only used for business purpose.

How Is iKeyMonitor Useful?

Choosing to block someone on Facebook for Android is a brave decision especially if one has become so used to it. For children, blocking Facebook on their Android devices is a bold move as you will have saved them from dangers such as cyberbullying, scams, perverts, cyber hate, and obscene content.

If you choose to block it on your employee’s company provided Android, you will have helped keep company information secure and also boost employee productivity as they will no longer waste time on Facebook when they should be working

For you, it will help you exercise self-control and also boost self-production.

iKeyMonitor android spy app is a valuable tool in this era where the Internet is all over with its unlimited access.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor Android Spy App

iKeyMonitor Android app blocker is compatible with all Android systems, so you don’t need to worry about the compatibility factor if you are targeting an Android device. iKeyMonitor Android spy app comes with fully-packaged functions that provide for the easy and efficient use of the app to block Facebook messenger on Android. These features include:

  • Log keystrokes and passwords entered
  • Send the logs to via email and online servers where you can easily view them
  • Limit screen time on Android phones
  • Monitor all activities in Automatic mode
  • Log URLS of websites visited on the target Android device
  • Log chat messages in Hangouts
  • Block Apps/Games on Android
  • Record voice messages on Android
  • Listen to phone calls on Android
  • Record Android phone surroundings

As seen above, iKeyMonitor Android spy app is effective in all spheres. Apart from the ability to block Facebook on Android, it has remarkable features so that you can switch its use to suit your needs. It enables you to monitor the target Android phone covertly and easily too. It is one Android spy app that will give you the peace of mind you so desire when it comes to what activities take place on the target Android phone. iKeyMonitor Android spy app could be the ultimate solution to your long-term concerns. Download and install one now and get all your concerns wiped away in seconds.


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