Why Should Parents Limit Screen Time for Android? 2024

Is there a need to limit screen time for Android which can help pull away your children from their smartphone screens? This is a question that becomes a debate for some families. Kids, especially those on the teen age, are questioning this act of their parents. They view it as something that represses their freedom and a proof that their parents have no trust in them. No matter how the children view it, limiting Android screen time has its positive effects on the children and the relationship of the family in general.

Reclaim Your Family Time and Be Closer as a Family

It does not come as a surprise to see a child, even a toddler, who is so focused on the screen of his or her smartphone. Devices such as Android are capable of downloading and playing different apps that can keep anyone entertained. As such, it is no wonder why parents are having such a hard time calling the children for dinner in the hope to have a short family time. Have you experienced the situation where you called for dinner and the children begged for five more minutes? You know all too well that the five minutes will later become ten minutes and maybe even up to 20 minutes. This is enough for some parents to snap before they can have a wonderful meal together. Leave situations like this in the past and get the best screen time app for Android.

Prevent Your Children from Getting Addicted to Android Device

Studies show that around 82% of the Americans are already addicted to smartphones in varying degrees. These people experience a hit in the serotonin and dopamine production in the brain every time the phone beeps. The said chemicals are the same reason for giving the drug users that feeling of ecstasy. Like any addiction, withdrawal from it could be a difficult scenario. It was shown in a study that it is difficult for those addicted to smartphones to survive a day without touching and looking at it. Moreover, addiction to an Android phone is not the only problem as this is also associated with other serious health conditions.

Other Side Effects of Too Much Using Smartphones

Are you still not sure whether or not to get a parental control app for Android? Take a look at the following side effects that smartphone addiction can cause. You might find yourself on a frantic search for the best Android apps to limit screen time right after reading this.

  • Back and neck problems
  • Stress
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Nerve damage
  • Source of bacteria (Research conducted by University of Arizona shows that a phone has ten times more bacteria that a toilet seat)

Limit Screen Time for Android with iKeyMonitor

Good news for every parent is that iKeyMonitor features will allow you to limit screen time on Android. This feature allows you to block inappropriate apps/games on Android phones and tablets. You can set time limit rules for app usage in specific time, such as blocking apps during mealtime and bedtime. Last but not least, you can also set maximum daily usage time for apps and games.

These are only some of the key features of iKeyMonitor that is sure to help any parent prevent their children from getting addicted to smartphones and achieve a healthy family mentally and emotionally. If you also look for an effective way to limit screen time for Android, iKeyMonitor will be your top choice!


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