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You should block Facebook on iPhone with iKeyMonitor if Facebook characterizes cyber-bullying and phishing scams, exposes the user to inappropriate content like pornography, and exposes minors to debauches and hate. Any of these cases are reasons to disable Facebook completely from an iPhone device. With iKeyMonitor app blocker, you can easily restrict Facebook usage and monitor users effortlessly. Given the very many iPhone spy apps in the market, there is always the best among all, and iKeyMonitor is the most outstanding app for blocking Facebook app, which is designed to generate the definitive clandestine surveillance without the threat of exposure.

How does iKeyMonitor block Facebook on iPhone?

It isn’t easy to decide to monitor and control all your children do when they go online without their knowledge. It is called spying which sounds pretty bad. However, as a parent, it pushes you to certain limits where you can do anything to ensure that your children are safe and remains productive at all times.

You can make use of iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app to monitor your kids and protect them from potential harm on Facebook. iKeyMonitor will log keystrokes typed in Facebook activity, screenshots of updates in Facebook, chat logs in Facebook, and deliver all the logs to you via email or to an FTP account where you can check what your children do when they log into Facebook. You can view the information anywhere and anytime without the fear of being caught. If you find that your children behave inappropriately on Facebook, iKeyMonitor will allow you to block Facebook on iOS which will consequently keep the children away from any foreseen danger.

If you are an employer, you can also keep watch of what your employees do on Facebook using their company provided iPhone hence ensuring that company information is kept safe and that the employees remain productive at all times while at work.

Is iKeyMonitor useful for blocking Facebook on iPhone?

Yes, this app is very helpful to people who would wish to block Facebook on cell phone. A lot of dangerous content circulates on Facebook on a daily basis and can be accessed by anyone regardless of age. Sadly, Facebook security measures do not provide restrictions to minors having access to these contents. As it is, you cannot always physically monitor the target device as the users will come to know of it sooner or later.

As a responsible and caring parent/adult you should not only keep tabs on what your children do in the real world but also monitor their cyber activities especially if they have access to the Internet. iKeyMonitor is the app that can help you monitor and control what your kids do and have access to when they go online. You should know that it is easier to solve a problem when you know the cause of it. And so, with the ability to block Facebook on iPhone using iKeyMonitor, as a parent you stop worrying now as you will be able to protect your children from any harm that may be associated with Facebook access. This app is somewhat versatile and can thus help you a lot about monitoring and be controlling iPhone activities.

You can block Facebook and other apps on iPhone with flexible rules. For instance, if your children spend too much time chatting with others on Facebook messenger so that they fail to do their homework or go to bed, you can block Facebook during that specific period. In this way, your children will understand the right thing to do in that time. They will obey the rules and focus on homework wholeheartedly.

Key features of iKeyMonitor

Additionally, iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app operates in an Automatic mode so that the target device users will not know that someone is monitoring them. Besides monitoring and blocking Facebook on the target device, iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app can:

  • Monitor social networking activities
  • Track iPhone GPS locations
  • Log typed chat conversations
  • Record Facebook messages
  • Record all keystrokes and passwords entered
  • Limit screen time on iPhone
  • Block apps/games with different rules

In conclusion, iKeyMonitor is a plus in the app development industry as it comes at a time when child monitoring on Facebook is essential for all parents and related adults. Its ease of installation, use and automatic mode of operation makes it stand out as an efficient app to block Facebook on iPhone.

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