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Android Facebook messenger spy app is widely used in the workplace to keep an eye on Employees’ social media activities. As an employer, do you know why employees remain busy all the time on their mobile devices? Have you ever peeped what is there on their phones, which keeps them so involved? All of us are aware of social media sites and even familiar with the craze of a few among people like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Facebook is one such social media site that has the largest number of users. So, calling Facebook as the main reason for their business will not be wrong. Android spy app can help you to know what your kids or employees are doing on Facebook.

Why Track Employees’ Social Media Activity?

Activity tracking of mobile devices is a rapidly growing industry that is gaining significance among several business owners as well as startups. Every business has employees who perform field jobs. Being an owner, you need to stay in touch with them. Most of the companies provide their employees with company owned smart devices like mobile phones, tablets and other devices so that they can easily discuss problems, share files, send emails, chat and even manage projects. There is a possibility that your employees could be wasting the valuable company time in surfing social media sites. Therefore, messenger spy for social media can help you out in tracking all their actions on social media websites.

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When it comes to social media, Facebook and Twitter hold the top positions as all these websites have invaded the lives of so many people. Even employees remain busy watching videos, pictures, reading status and tweets of their family and friends. Think of a situation where your employees are spending most of their time in accessing these social media sites. Getting the best results and maximum productivity will not be possible as your employees have their mind and focus diverted in other activities. Being an employer, you need to find out ways to protect your business from these costly activities. Android messenger spy for social media will be your friend in need.

iKeyMonitor Android Facebook Messenger Spy App

spy app for android Facebook is specifically developed to keep track of Facebook chats of your workers and guarantees maximum productivity. Nearly three-quarters of companies keep an eye on their company-owned mobile devices given to employees. They do so to prevent network intrusions, data leakage and liability questions through these social sites. Moreover, this special spying app for social media will let you know about all the conversations between your employee and the second party involved in it (whether it is your competitor or their family or friends). Other features associated with this Facebook messenger spy app are:

  • Record all chat messages sent on Facebook
  • Log of all messages that users post on Facebook
  • Keep track of the history of when and at what times Facebook is visited
  • Record the date when the chats and messages are typed
  • Capture screenshots of Facebook activities

iKeyMonitor is one of the reputed names in the field of spying app development and their iKeyMonitor Spy App, a popular Android spying app has made spying on employees successful for several companies. iKeyMonitor Spy App has Android Facebook tracking feature, which makes this app truly outstanding. This special Android messenger spy app for social media records statistics, and details of different social media sites. You will be provided with a highly representative image of user activities through registered email or FTP.

Android Facebook messenger spy app is no longer just prudent; it is essential for securing company assets, protecting employees from bullying or harassment, stopping precious employee work time from being wasted and getting information through mobile devices. This is the need of every business because people are so much involved in some social sites that they forget their work, responsibilities and even food. The Android Facebook messenger spy feature of iKeyMonitor Spy App will let employers keep check on all Facebook messenger related activities like messages sent & received, date and times of message and other information.

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