Can You Block Facebook from Your Own Android Phones/Tablets? 2024

How to Stop Facebook Addiction

To block Facebook on Android phones or tablets is easier said than done. Especially in today’s technological world, social media such as Facebook plays one of the biggest influences on society. As a global Internet platform, Facebook is an avenue of great opportunities. It is a great tool for people in promoting their business, communicating with friends and family, meeting new acquaintances and more. The drawbacks of Facebook also push parents to find an effective way of blocking Facebook on children’s Android phones or tablets.

The Drawbacks of Facebook

However, alongside all the enticing benefits Facebook can grant to its users; drawbacks to using it are also rampant. Below are examples of the many disadvantages of excessively using Facebook app on your phone. That’s why you need to block Facebook from your device.

  • Facebook can keep you from focusing and disturb studies and work.
  • Vulnerability to scams and hackers.
  • If your Facebook account is set to a public setting, privacy is therefore compromised.
  • The hours spent for Facebook browsing is a waste unless you’ll get profit of using the platform.

How to Stop Facebook Addiction?

All these drawbacks could hinder the important things you need to be doing. If you always have your nose on a phone looking at Facebook, then that is already an addiction. But there’s no need to go to Facebook rehab (if there’s such a thing). Follow this tips from an article “How to Stop Facebook Addiction” –

  • Accept you have an issue – This is basically the first step to any problem-solving. Admit your Facebook usage is no longer normal. Yes, it is boring and obvious but admitting your Facebook addiction is essential to stopping it.
  • Identify your goals in using Facebook – it is suggested that before logging in to your Facebook account, ask yourself what is your purpose for opening the app; is it to check for friend’s birthday? Chat with old or new friends, post a news or something else. Make sure you don’t end up browsing for nothing.
  • Set a Facebook schedule – Generally, people spend an average of 6 hours and 20 minutes on Facebook in a week which is still quite a long amount of time. It would be ideal to set a certain amount of time in a day, excellent if you have days where you don’t use it at all.
  • Think of other things to do – divert your attention and interests into something that would give you benefits. For example, you can do sports, do business or art. Ideally anything away from Social Media platforms.
  • Leave Facebook – in fact, this tip should have been the only thing to do to stop Facebook addiction. If you are a Samsung user, you would know that Android phones like yours have a very easy access to Social Media like Facebook. You can use an app to block Facebook on Android devices.
  • Find an alternative – look for another site that isn’t similar to Facebook. Find a website to read stories or articles that would best fit your interests.

There you have it! Those are some of the effective tips on how to moderate the use of Facebook. Together with discipline and control, one can easily liberate themselves from being drowned by it without having the need to block Facebook on Android phone you have. If not, you’d better use an app which supports blocking Facebook website on your Android browser.

How to Block Facebook on Android with iKeyMonitor?

With iKeyMonitor, you can easily block distracting apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and many other apps/games. You can limit the daily maximum usage time of Facebook. You can also block Facebook completely until you want to unblock it. Or you can block Facebook on Android during homework time or school time. You may also block Android browsers since Facebook can be accessed through browser. Besides blocking Facebook on Android, iKeyMonitor also provides you with many other useful features, which enable you to have a full control over the target Samsung.

  • Log Keystrokes and Passwords Entered
  • Log Both-Side Call History
  • Log Sent and Received SMS
  • Log Facebook/Skype/Kik/Viber
  • Log URLs of Websites Visited
  • Block Inappropriate Apps/Games/Websites
  • Capture Screenshots at a Preset Interval
  • Log Chat Messages in Hangouts
  • Track GPS Location of the Target Phone
  • View Logs via Email/Online Server
  • Monitor All Activities in an Invisible Mode
  • Limit Screen Time on Android Phone

If you are still seeking for the right app to regulate activities on your phone, iKeyMonitor is the one you need. iKeyMonitor android keylogger offers the features of blocking inappropriate Apps, games, and websites with specific time limit rules. With it, you can block Facebook on Android phones or tablets in any way you like!

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