How and Why You Should Set Screen Time Limit on iPhone 2024

How and Why You Should Set Screen Time Limit on iPhone

Have you been wondering about whether you should set screen time limit on iPhone or not? As a parent, it is important to set the screen time limit on iPhone, which will greatly benefit not only the kids but also yourself. Have you heard about the news where the developers themselves are restricting their families on the use of iPhone? Why is that the case? It looks like they have some inside information on the effects of prolonged use of mobile phones. It is great that the advancement of technology enabled us to do more things easier; it is also a fact that we may experience some downside to it thus it is necessary to limit screen time on iPhone.

The Role of iPhone in People’s Lives

The technology that we have now is so advanced compared to what it is just a decade ago. People can now multi-task because of the recent developments in the field of information technology. How many of you here are guilty of using the iPhone or an iPad as a babysitter? Life seems a lot easier when you have an iPhone and you let your toddler play with it. Besides that, there are other things that it can do to help your teenage kid at a school like researching, reading, and gaining more knowledge about the world at the ease of his or her palm. If iPhone can perform an amazing task such as this, why is it that there are many parents who are bent on seeking the best app to set iPhone screen time limit?

Why Do You Need to Set Screen Time Limit on iPhone?

Parents who set the screen time limit on iPhone are doing a favor not only to their kids but to themselves as well. Yes, setting limited usage time for the phone is not only applicable to the children but to adults as well.

Folks mainly want to find the time limit app on iPhone to control the time that kids spend in playing on the device. This way, the children could learn more about life and appreciate better what is in their surroundings. Substituting an iPhone as a babysitter has proven to be effective at some point, but parents also have observed its negative effects on the long run. While it is true that you will have a peaceful and quiet time while your kids are busy playing the device, what happens after could be a nightmare.

Negative Effects of Smartphone Addiction

Continued and long-time daily use of your iPhone could also pose a serious threat to your health like addiction, nerve damage, back problems, anxiety and depression, stress, and disrupted sleep among others. It was found out in studies that 82% of the American public is addicted to using a smartphone.

Knowing these facts is more than enough to push you to use a time limit app for cell phone. While Apple has developed an app for the device, but you can only set screen time limit on iPhone with that. Ultimate applications for iPhone like the iKeyMonitor allow you to not only set screen time limit on iPhone but other important functions as well as the following:

  • Screen time limit
  • Invisible monitoring
  • App blocker
  • Log typed chats
  • GPS tracking
  • Log SMS sent and received

These are just part of the features of iKeyMonitor and it is clear that iKeyMonitor is a one-stop application that you need for monitoring iPhone activities. The full featured iKeyMonitor enables you to set screen time limit on iPhone as well as monitor everything happening on iPhone. Why not have a try?

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