Parental Control App for Android – Best App to Monitor Your Kids 2024

Want to find the best parental control app for Android? Nowadays, Android phones are being used by people all over the world. Especially for children, most of them use Android phones whenever and wherever they are. However, the incorrect use of Android phones will bring many problems. Now, iKeyMonitor Android parental control application can help you figure out everything happening on your children’s cell phones.

Why Do You Need A Parental Control App for Android?

Now that technology is advanced, children can do many things with Android phones, which has also brought them a lot of negative effects. For example, many children are addicted to watching pornographic videos or visiting some bad websites, making friends with strangers online and so on. As the most professional android spy software, iKeyMonitor provides powerful monitoring and control functions for you to know your children’s online activities every day.

Online Dangers

If you want your kids to surf the Internet safely, it is important to first understand the various potential online threats. Here are 3 common online threats against children: cyberbullying, sexual predators, and inappropriate content. To protect your children from these dangers, you can try iKeyMonitor free Android parental control app. It allows you to remotely monitor your children’s online activities on Android devices.
Online Dangers

Smartphone Addiction

A study showed that it is difficult for children addicted to smartphones to spend a day without touching and looking at it. Besides, Android addiction may cause many other serious health problems. Regardless of how children perceive it, limiting Android screen time has a positive impact on the relationship between children and the entire family.
Phone addiction

How to Use iKeyMonitor Android Parental Control App?

  1. Sign up for a free plan and install iKeyMonitor.
    android sign up
  2. Log in to the Online Cloud Panel.
    iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel
  3. You can go to Logs to check the spying logs.
    android spying logs

Control Your Kids’ Android Activities with iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor parental control software for Android can help you track call logs, text messages, web history, chat messages, social network activities, and more. It also allows you to limit your children’s screen time and block inappropriate apps.

Block Inappropriate Apps to Protect Your Kids

iKeyMonitor allows you to block inappropriate apps and games on your children’s Android phones. You can log in to the cloud panel to block any apps at any time.
block apps and games

Limit Screen Time on Android to Prevent Addiction

iKeyMonitor enables you to set schedules to limit your children’s screen time on Android phones. You can flexibly set homework time, sleep time to prevent smartphone addiction.
Screen Time Limit

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities on Android

iKeyMonitor lets you set alert words by category on your children’s Android phones. Once a certain keyword is triggered, you will receive an instant email alert.
get alerts


There are many benefits to using iKeyMonitor free parental control app for Android. This easy-to-use monitoring app can help you ensure your children’s safety while performing different activities on their Android phones. Sign up and start protecting!


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iKeyMonitor Team is a team of parental control experts with over 16 years of experience in parental control apps and phone tracking tools. Started in 2009, iKeyMonitor is now the most powerful monitoring and control application for parents.

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