What Is Profoundly App? Should Kids Be Allowed to Use? 2024

Like many other apps that work with Facebook, the Profoundly app is one of the anonymous feedbacks and messaging app. This is a platform where users can post their questions and stories and then get anonymous feedback on it. Most people compare this app with apps like Whisper and Sarahah that are known for bullying children. If you find that your child uses this app, then you need to remain careful and take corrective steps.

What Is Profoundly App?

Profoundly app is a platform that enables the users to send messages and feedback anonymously. You can even send messages anonymously to even your Facebook friends using this app. The only standard you need to follow is that the person you want to send a message to is your friend on Facebook. If someone blocks some users on Facebook then that person can’t message that person even using the Profoundly app. Here are some common facts about the Profoundly app:

  • Profoundly is an anonymous feedback and messaging application.
  • The Profoundly app can be used with Facebook so that users can post questions to their stories and receive anonymous feedback.
  • Kids can use the Profoundly app to send anonymous messages to their Facebook friends.
  • When using the app, kids can choose to post an anonymous story for their Facebook friends to view or send messages privately and anonymously.
  • Although the Profoundly app is sold as an anonymous app, it relies on Facebook to work properly, which makes it very easy for students to use.

Is Profoundly App Safe for Kids?

Many people consider the Profoundly app just as a messaging platform. But if your kid is using it then it may not be safe. This app can easily reveal the names and you should expect to receive lots of anonymous messages as well. Some of the messages are meant for bullying the children. So, you need to remain careful with your children when they tend to use this app. These are some reasons why Profoundly app is not safe:

  • Anonymous apps cannot help students build a digital footprint.
  • When students feel they can remain anonymous, they tend to behave negatively.
  • Children will use this app to bully others online because their behavior will not be discovered.
  • There is no age verification when registering the app, so young students can easily use the Profoundly app.

How to Protect Your Kids from Possible Danger?

If your child is using the Profoundly app, it means they are likely to be in danger. As a parent, you need to take steps to protect your child. The best thing every parent must practice is to have proper conversations with their children to understand the dangers of using this application or any other anonymous application. You can encourage them to remove the app from the device. This will reduce harm to a certain extent. Parents must also take the following steps to protect their children from possible dangers:

1. Have A Tech Talk

You need to have a direct conversation with your child regarding the digital footprint. Make sure that children are aware of the hazards that an anonymous messaging app can bring to them.

2. Encourage Kids to Make Friends Offline

Encourage children to make friends who really love and enhance positivity in them. This is better than relying on feedback from strangers. They can collect feedbacks from family and real friends.

3. Create Online Guidelines for Teenagers

Create guidelines for teenagers which will mention the apps that they can use online. If they want to download any other app apart from the mentioned list then they need to seek permission from you for the same.

4. Install A Monitoring Tool

Install a monitoring tool that enables you to keep track of your children’s online activities. You can remotely check all the spying logs via email.

iKeyMonitor Helps You Monitor Profoundly App

When you want to protect your children online, monitoring tools like iKeyMonitor are very useful. It is a parental control application that provides multiple monitoring functions. It provides a free program that you can use to detect apps installed on your child ’s device. If you know that your child has installed the Profoundly app on their device, then it is best to track their activities to prevent any inappropriate activities. This tool can also be used to set limits because you can block these apps before your child downloads and starts using it. Here are some functions of iKeyMonitor to help parents:

1. Check Installed Apps

Using this tool, you can check whether inappropriate apps are installed on your child ’s device. If you find the profoundly app, you can talk to your child and decide whether to delete the app.

2. Monitoring Social Software

iKeyMonitor allows you to read messages sent and received on social applications like profoundly app, even if they are anonymous. After reading the message, you can find out if your child is a victim of bullying. If so, then you can take corrective actions against it.

3. Block Inappropriate Apps and Games

With this tool, you can block apps and games that you think are not suitable for your child. Doing so will ensure that your children will not access the profoundly app and protect their online safety.

4. Capture Screenshot

iKeyMonitor regularly captures screenshots of children’s mobile devices. It captures screenshots of all activities of your child in the profoundly app.

How to Get iKeyMonitor?

Follow the three steps below to use iKeyMonitor for free!

1. Sign Up

Firstly, register a free account of iKeyMonitor.

2. Download and Install

Then, log in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor and install it on the target phone.

3. Start Spying

Now you can start monitoring remotely.

In the application market of the online world, endless applications like profoundly app are launched every day. Children may not be able to distinguish good from bad, and they are easily injured. You need to pay attention to your children’s online activities at all times. In order to protect the safety of children, you can use iKeyMonitor monitoring tool. The tool not only allows you to check your child’s online activities, but it can also even block inappropriate applications easily.

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