Unveiling Sarahah: What Parents Need to Know? 2024

There is a number of social media accounts and dangerous apps that children use. This includes Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. With the usage of all these social media accounts there some or other dangers especially in case of kids and often that leads to distractions and self-esteem issues. Apart from the common social media platforms, there is a layer of platform which can be more harmful to your children. Sarahah is one such app which allows teens and teens to freely share their thoughts and message each other, without mentioning their names.

What Is Sarahah?

Sarahah is a simple platform as the users need to set up a personal profile page. Once the page is set then anyone can leave comments and feedback on that page that was created. Many of you may recognize this app as it was earlier for Facebook. But actually, there is a big difference. It is known for promoting and encouraging anonymity. In reality today, it is not at all serving any organization for gathering feedback. Though the app has an interesting origin as it was developed by Saudi Arabian developer. Initially, he created it as a tool for employees to providing open feedback to their bosses. In Arabic, the meaning of Sarahah is “frankness” or “honesty.”

But today, when it comes to the usage of the children, then it can be really dangerous. If people use it for the purpose it was created for then it was a really good app and would make things easier for the organization. As it would enhance productivity and workplace culture. Though in many countries it is one of the popular apps and attracts millions of users especially children and teenagers. Here are some of the ways by which you can understand the dangers of Sarahah:

  • Every parent should remain conscious if their children use an app which enables others in this app to post feedback about their children anonymously. It may carry the dangers that you have never thought of.
  • As the app is completely anonymous that means even the creator can’t understand who writes what comment so there can’t be any oversight if there are some inappropriate comments. In fact, no one can be held responsible for bullying or any similar activities.
  • There are many other apps which are anonymous and have been already recognized as harmful apps for children. Some harmful apps have been shut down as they had negative effects on children. These apps have caused huge harm to teenagers. Sarahah is the one which is following the steps of such apps by allowing aggregation of comments on individual profile pages.

How Can You Protect Children From Dangerous Apps?

Parents will always want to protect their children from the all apps and online platforms that may cause harm to children in some or other ways. If you allow children to use dangerous apps like Sarahah then it is for sure that the child will get bullied. It is not the parents alone who are alarming about these apps. Along with parents, there are teenagers who are sharing their awful experiences with Sarahah and similar apps. In most cases, they use to receive a lot of inappropriate messages which were mainly bullying messages. At times this may lead your children to a dangerous situation as there are many children who got pretty mean messages and most of the time it is damaging. So, it becomes essential for you to protect children from exposure to dangerous apps. Here are a few ways by which you can do so:

  • The complete anonymity provided by the app, gives children the freedom to impose dangerous thoughts about their peers openly on social media. In that sense, the results can be uncomfortable at best and sometimes it may lead to worst situations like sexual harassment to cyberbullying. As there is no way to trace these comments back to their creator, the limits are almost endless. So, it is essential to ask your children to completely avoid creating profiles on these apps.
  • Sharing or commenting is not the end these apps actually take the contact information from all users to make initial connections. That implies it’s much easier to find people you already know, and thus you can focus your comments on them. Such a practice invites security concerns, as dangerous apps like Sarahah does not disclose what all it does with these contact lists. Therefore, you should first explain to your children the dangers of Sarahah app, and let them know how serious things are.
  • Above all, when your children insist using the app, so you need to teach them how to use it responsibly. The best thing that you can to do is install a monitoring app on their devices and track their accounts to find out whether they are safe. Using this app will not let your child know that you are interfering in their lives at the same time you are aware of what is happening with them on social media platforms.

Hence, dangerous apps like Sarahah are harmful especially for younger children as they are still building up the capability to understand what is right for them. But such apps can be harmful for children of all age. So, it becomes responsibility of you to take care that the children are not becoming prone to these apps. But such apps can be harmful to children of all ages. So, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to take care that the children are not becoming prone to these apps. Using parental control like iKeyMonitor makes things easier for you as it enables you to block such apps and ensure that your children stay protected.


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