Top 10 Reasons to choose Employee Activity Monitor 2024

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor is the best Employee Monitoring Software in the entire market.
Check out the top 10 reasons to choose Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor.

1. Continuous Innovation

Imonitor prides itself on always keeping abreast of new technologies and bringing them to market within innovative products before the ink is even dry on the industry standards. Imonitor is the undisputed leader in monitoring products, and most recently, Imonitor released Employee Activity Monitor v4.7, the only employee monitoring software supports storing all the logs on a remote server.

2. Most Award-winning Employee Monitoring Software

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor has won numerous awards since its introduction in 1999, including multiple business productivity awards from Software Development Magazine, repeated Reader’s Choice awards from CNet Magazine – Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor – allowing you to monitor employee performance undetectably.

3. The Only Monitoring Software stores logs on Remote server

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor is the Only employee monitoring software which can store the important logs in a centralized database on a remote server. Now you can save all the logs include keystrokes, email logs, file logs, clipboard logs, website logs, ftp logs, print job logs, instant message to a specified server, in this way the logs will never be lost even if the employee reformatted his hard disk.

4. The Only Software can open Multiple Remote Desktops in a time

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor enables you to view and control employee desktops in real time. It is the only employee spy app which can open multiple remote desktops of employee computers in a time. You can monitor multiple employees in real time without missing anything.

5. True Productivity Enhancement

From the highly content filtering features to the activity report features, Imonitor has always endeavored to provide true productivity gains to our customers. One example of this mission is the feature to monitor application use. You can know how the employees use their computers, decide which application should not be used and add the application to filtering list to improve employee performance.

6. Built-in Print Job Monitoring feature

Imonitor Employee is an all in one employee monitoring solution with all the functions you need. When you purchase Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor, you get all Imonitor Print Job Monitor functions built in the Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor.

7. The Only Monitoring Software with Hardware monitoring

With Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor, you can easily Disable/Enable the use of USB/MMC/CD/DVDROM to avoid company secrets leaking. You will get instant alert when someone is trying to use USB/MMC/CD/DVDROM.

8. Try Before You Buy

Imonitor is so confident in the quality and user-friendliness of our software that we let you try before you buy. All staff monitoring tools are available for evaluation before you make your purchasing decision. You can simply download the software from our Web site, and use the product with all features enabled for a 15-day period.

9. Fair Pricing Model

Imonitor offers software in multi-tiered versions for different budgets, and attractive volume-discounts make wide-spread adoption and standardization in the corporate environment easy.

In addition, Imonitor gives customers FREE 1-year upgrades to all major software versions and maintenance releases during their support period after they purchase. You get priority technical support and all your upgrades for one low fee.

10. Secure and Safe Payment

All Employee Activity Monitor products can be purchased through the most secure and safe online payment platform


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