Tik Tok is Sharing Sexual Explicit Material Involving Children 2024

Tik Tok is Sharing Sexual Explicit Material Involving Children

Among various other social media platforms, Tik Tok is one of the most used social media platforms in recent time. It allows a user to create short videos for friends, family or for whom they like the most. Besides other social media apps like twitter, it certainly empowers the user to share videos with special effects.

What Is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a social media platform which is available in more than 34 languages alongside 150 million active users. This is one of the most popular social platforms for people under the age of 16 today. Apart from all its charming features and effects that are highly popular among the teens the video streaming app TikTok is reportedly sharing sexually explicit content involving children which is dangerous for kids. The video streaming app reportedly making efforts to persuade the children obsessed with social media, desperately want to engage or make followers, and to trap children. Here are a few more facts that parents should know about Tik Tok:

  • This app is on the rise and the other hand its services are continuously sexually exploiting children online. There are many sexual predators that are active on TikTok and are targeting teens and kids.
  • TikTok is a video streaming app that allows young kids to share short videos up to 60 seconds with the effects of digital filters and stickers so kids are usually attracted towards it.
  • Over the years, it is known as the fourth most downloaded app in the year 2018. That’s the reason number of children as young as eight years old have been targeted by sexual predators.

Why There Is A Need To Prevent Children from the Use of Tik Tok?

TikTok is highly popular among young kids & teens and most of the teens are getting highly addicted towards it. There is a number of sexual predators exploiting teens and kids through live streaming app’s comment section for getting involved in sexual activity on TikTok. Due to lack of security settings on kid’s cell phones, children are able to post live videos of them and at the end of the day got trapped by the child abusers online. Here are some of the reasons due to which Tik Tok is dangerous:


  • The live streaming app TikTok has been fined for breaching the privacy and data of thirteen years old kid’s data without having parental consent. It is not even able to suspend the private accounts of certain people that are allegedly trying to sexually groom teenagers.
  • The developers and the product designers do their best that help them out achieve their business goals but one way or another their choices may come up with unintended consequences.
  • It looks so offended and awful when a young teen creates a short video on herself which is inappropriate to post on social media platforms. The video is been repeatedly seen by other viewers and in the comment section, the live streaming allows users to comment.

How to Prevent Children From The Harmful Effects Of Tik Tok?

Tiktok is leading young teens to sexual harassment online. Furthermore, teens are bringing out the sexual fantasies of their own and at the end of the day and a young mind got sexually groomed by the sexual predators online. Though it is a popular music app still it is unable to suspend the accounts of the sexual predators that have their accounts that used to send sexual messages to young teens and kids. That’s the reason parents have to strong actions for protecting their children and keeping them safe on this platform. These are a few steps that parents can take for protecting their children:

  • Parents can teach their kids and teens how to filter the inappropriate content on the app and remain protected. You should guide young teens to set an account on private mode so that only creator of the video can see the videos on the app.
  • The private account further empowers the young users to approve and as well as restrict the incoming messages from sexual predators or strangers.
  • Apart from parents should use parental control app for the cell phone that provides parents huge of tools to keep an eye on kids and teens activities on the live streaming app by using the TikTok screen recorder.

How iKeyMonitor Helps In Keeping Children Safe From Tik Tok?

It enables parents to record the screen of teen’s TikTok in real-time and record short back to back videos of the screen since the user has logged in or out on the platforms. So, parents will be able to know what type of videos teens have created and have shared. A huge number of spy software applications are available but you should always download a reliable app like iKeyMonitor. You must go through the features of the app for confirming its reliability and find out whether it is appropriate for your child. Here are some of the features that must be present in the app which parents to protect their child:

  • Parents are able to spy on their children and employers can track the online activities of their employees using the app.
  • It gives you access to the chat conversations, videos, messages and social media accounts including Tik Tok.
  • You will get screenshots of the Tik Tok videos that your child makes as well you can access it and play those videos whenever you are available.
  • The most important feature is that it allows you to track the activities without being caught or traced by your child which means children or employees will not know that they are being tracked.

Therefore, let your child enjoy Tik Tok but at the same time ensure that they are safe from its harmful effect. The best thing that every parent must do is install a reliable monitoring app like iKeyMonitor and use it checking their activities on Tik Tok as well as other apps that children have on their device.


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