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Can I Spy on the Mobile Phone without Physical Access? 2023

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Can I spy on the mobile phone without physical access? Thanks to technology development, it’s possible to use mobile spy apps to monitor iPhones and Android phones. However, there are many misunderstandings in using spy apps. People think they could spy on the mobile phone without physical access. However, in fact, they can’t.

It’s Impossible to Spy on the Mobile Phone without Physical Access

Actually, in order to make the mobile spy application work, people need to run the installer file which should be physically installed on the cell phone, and then adjust the monitoring settings on the phone. Therefore it’s impossible for anyone to remotely spy on mobile phones by mobile spy software without physical access. Even though many spy programs vendors on the market today claim that their spy software can spy on any phone from anywhere without physical installation or achieve the purpose of remote installation via Bluetooth. These are scams.

Please don’t believe what they advertise. They are really liars. Even if those Bluetooth mobile phone spy software products could work, you would still have to access the target phone to pair the two devices. Bear in mind if you want to monitor the mobile phone, make sure that you could get physical access to the target phone.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is one of the latest and most advanced utility applications, it can be used to monitor mobile phones without being detected. Unlike most cell phone spy software that only tracks locations, iKeyMonitor spy app contains all the advanced features necessary to truly get the answers you need.

1. Spy on SMS Text Messages

iKeyMonitor monitors SMS text messages on target iPhone and Android phones, including SMS chat history, message content, date and time stamp, sender and receiver. You can also recover deleted SMS text messages.

2. Monitor Call History

iKeyMonitor tracks the call logs on iOS and Android devices, providing you with detailed information on all incoming and outgoing calls. You can view the call history remotely to know who your child or employee is contacting, thus avoiding potential danger or trouble.

3. Record Keystrokes

iKeyMonitor Keylogger records all keystrokes typed on target iOS and Android devices, including pasted text in all applications, so you can clearly know what happened on the target device.

4. Take Screenshots

iKeyMonitor regularly takes screenshots of mobile activities, including photos, videos, chat applications and visited websites, and you can check the activities performed on the target device. It can also capture screenshots of touch operations or when warning words are detected in keystrokes or application names.

5. GPS Tracking

iKeyMontior tracks the GPS location of the target device at preset time intervals, so you can clearly know where the user has been or where they are currently. GPS tracking app can well locate children’s location and retrieve lost iPhone and Android devices.

6. Limit Screen Time

iKeyMonitor limits the screen time of iPhone / iPad / Android phones / tablets. This feature allows parents to limit the time children spend on mobile phones to keep children away from smartphone addiction.

How to Spy on Mobile Phone with iKeyMonitor

As the most awesome application for phone monitoring, iKeyMonitor, gives us a chance to stealthily monitor iPhone and Android phones. You can follow the steps below to spy on mobile phones with iKeyMonitor. Remember that physical access is needed.

  1. 1. Sign up

    Sign up for a free account of iKeyMonitor.

  2. 2. Log in to the Cloud Panel

    Log in to the Cloud Panel and follow the guide.

  3. 3. Install iKeyMonitor

    Install iKeyMonitor and register it with your license key (No installation needed for iPhone / iPad no-jailbreak spy).

  4. 4. Start Spying

    Start spying on the Cloud Panel.

Always keep in mind that you cannot spy on the mobile phone without physical access. If you cannot access the target phone, try to create a chance to get access to the target phone. Also, be careful with the spy apps which boast spying on the mobile phone without access. Chances are that they are the liars.


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