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Many business owners opt for employee spy software to keep track of their employees’ working activities and ensure their companies’ productivity. This is understandable because the non-performance of staff will have negative effects on the company. However, for most empthe loyers, there is still a headache for them before deploying the employee spy software. That is how to select the best employee spy software among the masses of monitoring software.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable employee spy app for the company, a majority of employers may have the following concerns.

    1. Which employee spy software will meet your actual requirements?
    2. Can this employee spy software be installed easily and quickly?
    3. Will the workers are aware of this employee spy software?
    4. Can I get support or after-sale service after the payment?

These questions are practical concerns for employers. And it is no doubt that the employee spy software which deals with all of these concerns is the option for business owners.

Comparing with numerous of employee monitoring programs, a spy software for employee named Employee Activity Monitor which is pop online is the best choice for company. The employee spy software has all the features you need.

Powerful functional employee spy software

Aside from logging visited sites, emails, chat messages and keystrokes, employee spy software records printed jobs, FTP file transfer, USB stick usage as well as the file using actions. Moreover, employee spy software has content filtering function. With such a comprehensive monitoring and filtering function, monitoring software will operate the best for your particular situation.

Easily and quickly installed employee spy software

Just following three simple steps you will get the spy software installed. Download and install the server side software firstly, and then copy the client to the employees’ computers and run it, run the server side and you embark on monitoring already. If you still have some problem to install the employee spy software, a guideline is available to do you a favor.

Invisible and undetectable employee spy software

Even if you warned your staff that they are being monitored, they will unable to tell how because the employee spy software works invisibly and undetectable after its installation. Besides, the employee tracking app is undetected by the popular spyware detection tools. So it is 100% safe and undetectable monitoring software.

Excellent after-sale service

After you paid for the employee spy software, you will get free technical support, such as how to install the software, and any other support if you needed. Also, you will get all version upgrades for free during one year as a registered user.

The advantages of using employee spy software are obvious. Once you installed the employee monitoring software, you are able to see what your workers are doing and you have the evidence to fire a worker if he is taking advantage of you. These employee spy software reviews will guide you what are the necessary things to keep in mind while purchasing the best employee spy software and help you to make right decisions.

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