Shell On Challenge: How To Protect Your Kids Online? 2024

Often parents mistakenly think that their kids would learn a lot of things from the Shell on challenge but that’s not the fact. There are a number of dangerous online viral challenge all around the internet, which does nothing good to the children, in return actually, harm them. Lots of young kids are posting their ‘Shell On’ videos on social media. They tend to do so just to become internet famous. But it is essential for the parents to know what is this challenge and how can parents protect their children from the harmful effects of the challenge.

What Is The Shell On Challenge?

In order to understand what does shell on challenge, you have to understand what the participants have to do as per the challenge. Most of the times, the challenge participants eat a piece of food, packaging and all. For example, we can consider eating an orange with skin. In some other challenge three children have to eat a sandwich as well as the plastic bag it’s in. Eating the skin of fresh vegetables and fruit isn’t always bad, but it must be washed beforehand because sometimes there may be pesticides. The child has to various other health concern that comes along with the shell on challenge when they ate the plastic. Such material is not meant to be ingested by anyone and can be very harmful. Here are some of the facts of the challenge that parents should remain aware:

  • The challenge is all about posting videos on the internet but especially on social media platforms. It involves frightening activities that allegedly encouraged kids to hurt themselves.
  • According to many reports, because of these challenges the children are actually harming or killing themselves as a result of the challenge. This is actually a way for hackers to get access to devices, which poses a whole separate set of risks.
  • Due to some challenges the kids either choke other kids or do more harm to themselves. This is very risky, and at times it may even result in death. Biting into a pod of laundry detergent is clearly not a good idea, and even kill the child.

Is Shell On Challenge Dangerous?

Though some challenges are physically dangerous, there are many such challenges that can mentally torture the child. Just to become internet famous the child may assign self-harm tasks which in some cases lead to the death of the child. There were reports that suicides were tied to the trend. The biggest concern for the parents is teens who are at risk. Here are the reasons due to which shell on challenge in 2019 is considered dangerous for the kids:

  • Often kids are unable to think through the challenges and find out whether they’re safe or have potential risks. They must go through each step and figure out where things could go wrong.
  • Today’s kids think of internet personalities as their role model, so seeing kids on YouTube doing a challenge could influence your kid and they tend to perform some similar challenges.
  • Sometimes kids are more interested in what’s going on with other kids than with themselves, so they tend to fall prey of such challenges easily and harm themselves.
  • These are dangerous for the physical health of the child as well as their mental stability in the long run.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Child?

As a parent, you will definitely want to keep your child away from shell on challenge. When your child is accessing the internet on their own devices then it is really a challenging task for the parents. If you want to protect your child then firstly don’t let your kids be one of the stupid people who participate in the Shell on Challenge thinking it can help your child. Instead, tell your and other dangerous online challenges. Here are some precautions you can take to protect them from participating:

  • Have a conversation with them regarding the challenges: You must have an honest conversation with your kids about these online viral challenges.
  • Maintain a good relationship with the child: Many parents don’t know when their kids are participating in online challenges because they don’t talk with them regularly or they don’t have such a relationship with the child that they share everything with them. As a parent, you should know your child’s life and know who their friends are and beware of Shell on challenge.
  • Monitor their online activity: Among various other ways to protect the child, the best one is to monitor their activities constantly. If your child doesn’t share things with you, you may have to start monitoring their cell phone activity and find out what they are up to.

How iKeyMonitor Helps In Protecting Children From Shell On Challenge?

Using a cell phone monitoring app, like iKeyMonitor enable to keep an eye on their activities. That implies you are able to easily access texts, social media, and photos and videos taken on their device. So, if their friend is pressuring them to participate in the Shell on Challenge you can easily track it. Besides that, there are many more benefits of using the monitoring app. Here are some more ways in which you are able to protect your child using the app:

  • Parents can also use parental control apps to track child’s phone activities. There are many sites which have inappropriate contents like videos of various challenges. You can check such content easily.
  • If one any social media platform you find any person is pressurizing the child for taking up the challenge then you can take actions timely so that they are unable to contact your child further.
  • Above all, it enables you to find out the details about all the challenges in which your child is participating and harming themselves.

Hence, Shell On Challenge is life threating task if your children are not kept protected. You should inform your child about a few common ones and the dangers associated with them. If your child isn’t taking your talk seriously, then use an app like iKeyMonitor for keeping track of their online activities.



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