How to Protect Your Kids from Tide Pod Challenge 2024

If you live in America or anywhere else in the modern world, you must have heard about the Tide Pod Challenge. It is one of the most common and dangerous online games in the world. At first, it may seem like a fun game, but it has been reported to claim the lives of many young people in the world.

The Internet is supposed to be a great technology, and it is, but there are certain negative aspects we cannot ignore. Among them are the internet “challenges.” People, especially teens, are lured into filming themselves doing daring things. Some of the stunts may be harmless and fun, whereas others may lead to death.

One of the most frightening challenges was the Blue Whale challenge. It is assumed the challenge started in Russia, asking participants to do some things ending up with suicidal stunts.
These games have been making headlines over the years. And the worst part is, most parents are not aware of what is happening with their children until things get out of hand.

For young Internet users, it is important to understand the dangers this vast online realm comes with. As much as it is a great thing to have today, it is also quite dangerous to assume its negative impacts. Dangerous games like the Tide Pod challenges will continue ruining lives unless awareness is created in time.

What Is Tide Pod Challenge

Many people have been asking what the Tide Pod challenge is? Well, imagine this; you have a group of people swallowing dangerous chemicals that can end their lives while recording the actions. It is like a game of truth or dare, only that there is no one to control the extremes of the game.

Students are compelled to trying to consume a plastic laundry detergent pod. They have to record everything that happens and post it on social media. Many teenagers have been involved in this challenge, perhaps to show they can do something extreme.

At first, it was all about joking around. But now, poison control centers have issued a warning to parents about the dangers of this activity. It is no longer something that can be ignored, just like many other online games that lead to dangerous activities.

When students take up the challenge, they have to upload videos eating capsules filled with laundry detergent. Note that, the detergent chemicals are dangerous and start by burning the mouth. Now you can imagine what it will do to your stomach and general health.

How Popular Is The Tide Pod Challenge

The Tide Pod challenge statistics have revealed a huge need for concern among parents and users as well. It has been in the news already, being reported as dangerous. According to Fast Company, “… the Tide Pod challenge, which began as a joke, has attracted responses from government watchdogs…” And the watchdogs, in this case, include poison control centers.

“The Washington Post” reported that children who have been exposed to the capsules were rushed to hospitals. They experienced severe vomiting, breathing difficulties, and unconsciousness.

The Tide Pod challenge meme was the breakout meme of the year in 2018. It started in 2017 with over 12,000 poison control calls for people eating laundry pods being reported. This number rose even hire in 2018.

The joke involves a brightly colored laundry detergent pod that looks like a fruity candy. Their appearance may be one of the reasons children eat them.

According to the Consumer Product Safety, a meme is not supposed to cause a tragedy in a family. This is why Tide partnered with New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski to issue a PSA.

The good news however is, Tide Pods is such a public health emergency anymore. The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) reported the number of poisonings from the tide pod to be trending downward. In 2017, for instance, there were 12,299 calls which were down from 14,000 calls in 2015. The organization has been tracking Tide Pods separately since 2012 when the first came out. This is good news as the numbers are reducing. Apart from that, not all Tide Pod calls are directly linked to this dangerous game.

Should Parents Care When Their Kids Engage In Tide Pod Challenge

Every parent should be concerned about the well-being of their children. Consider the following factors:

The Tide Pod challenge is a dangerous game

They will be consuming poison that can lead to loss of life. The detergent has an ingredient that can burn the mouth and extend to the digestive system and stomach.

Health issues

The laundry detergent pod is a powerful chemical. Even just a tiny bit will give you serious health issues. Things can get even uglier if the detergent reaches one’s bloodstream and organs.

YouTube has gotten involved, as well. Since many who get involved are lured by what they see, YouTube warns that it will filter and remove such videos. It is also terminating channels that promote such.

What to Do To Protect Your Child from Tide Pod Challenge

In many cases, parents don’t know what is going on with their kids, especially teens. Some are not very comfortable sharing their personal living space. The first step for parents is to understand their children.

Be friendly to your children

Get to know what they feel and be their friend. Avoid trying to make them feel less but encourage them to embrace who they are.

Call 911 for emergency help

In case you discover your son or daughter has taken the detergent pod, call 911 immediately. You want to ensure they are well treated first.

Educate the children on the danger of this game

Before it reaches such a point, talk to your children. Let them know that there is such a game as Tide Pod Challenge and it is dangerous. And while on that, read about Tide’s safety protocol to know what to do just in case. Encourage them to report unwanted activities on social media whenever they meet them.

Install a tracking app to monitor your kids

Monitor their digital footprint. Use applications such as the iKeyMonitor. This Android/iOS parental control app allows parents to monitor keystrokes, calls, SMS and Chat messages, website use, and much more. You have the power of controlling what your kid does on their phone, including geofencing and GPS tracking.

The Tide Pod challenge is a real headache for parents raising teenagers. In the world of Internet and technology, one has to know such things. With iKeyMonitor parental control app, it should be easier for you to protect your children.

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