How to Protect Your Kids from Online Suicide Games

How to Protect Your Kids from Online Suicide Games

The inventors of the internet might not have thought of harmful things such as online suicide games, which are claiming the lives of young children. Perhaps they were more focused on the good side of it, such as reducing the world into a global village through mobile phones for easy communication as well as teleconferencing for business meetings. But now that we already have these online suicide games, it is only necessary you as a parent to learn how to protect your kids from online suicide games.

What Are Online Suicide Games

These are simple games that are played on social media, where the participants are dared to do acts that can be very harmful to their own lives. Online suicide games have been reported in various parts of the world, with a total of about 300 teen deaths reported in the US alone.

The Truth about Online Suicide Games

For a long time, talk about these harmful games has been rife, with leading online companies warning parents against their emergence. According to Kaspersky, these online games target the youths, mostly WhatsApp users. The game, popularly known as Momo, pits the youths against anonymous users. These anonymous users then dare them to try some risky or even suicidal acts. The games start by challenging the children to communicate with some unknown online users, who send them violent photos, videos together with threats. Threats of dire consequences for those who do not comply have been reported. At the end of the game, the children are dared to perform an act, mostly suicide.

The strange thing about these games is that they take too long for them to be reported by mainstream media. They are usually social media games, where the participants meet and do all the things on social media. For instance, a game of this nature, the “blue whale challenge” was only noticed months after its launch. By the time the game was reported, it had circulated on social media four months in English, and about nine months in other languages. This shows how difficult it can be to trace online suicide games.

How to Keep Teenagers Safe from Online Suicide Games

There is overwhelming evidence that the rate of suicide in America has more than doubled in the last decade alone. And for this reason, there is every reason to believe that online suicide games are the major contributors to the deaths. As a parent, therefore, you have every reason to learn how to keep teenagers safe from online suicide games.

1. Be close to your children

In this fast-moving world, most parents are tempted to spend most of their time chasing money, leaving little or no time for the kids. This means that you might not even notice when your children start behaving differently, perhaps due to the influence of these online suicide games.

To ensure your children are safe, you need to spend more quality time with them, connect with them, and share their worlds. You need to understand both their online as well as offline worlds if you are to succeed in securing them against the cruel world. You should be able to know their friends, share conversations with them, and let them be free with you. This way, if your kids have some issues, then they can easily tell you. And if they have not told you, but their friends are aware of the issues, then the friends can let you know.

2. Respect your children

While all parents want their children to succeed in life, forcing them to do things that parents want does not help. This will only help alienate the kids further. You should be able to respect them, allow them time to do things that matters to them. Note that by forcing them to do your wishes, they are likely to be depressed, and thus making them vulnerable to online suicide games.

3. Educate them about online suicide games

As you spend time with your children, cultivating friendships through meaningful conversations, you can also teach them about these games. You can start a random talk about depression and suicidal thoughts, then drive the talk and relate it to social media. Let your children know that a lot of people have taken their own lives due to pressure, stress, and depression. You then need to advice them against such and inform them that there are many ways out of depression without having to resort to suicide.

4. Be observant to your children

You can always know if your child is going through some difficult times, or even if he/she has already been hooked to these games. Be keen to observe any changes in the eating habits, changes in sleep habits, dark rings under their eyes, becoming more secretive and so on, as these can be telling signs of worse things to come. Children who are already playing the game will always be irritated easily, will change friends and might choose to stay alone and all that.

5. Make them busy

Sometimes idleness can be the reason why your children are getting hooked to these dangerous games. By making them busy and leaving them with no time to think about these things, you could have helped a great deal. The only thing you need to remember is, do not force them to do things they do not want. Remind them to do their homework, take them to play with others, play around with them and all that. This way, their minds shall be engaged, and thus will not have time to visit online sites that offer these games.

How iKeyMonitor Helps in Protecting Your Kids from Online Suicide Games

With a mobile application such as iKeyMonitor, you have a chance to keep teenagers safe from online suicide games. This is a powerful tracking application for parental control, compatible with android and iOS operating systems. It has the following features:

  • SMS and Messenger. You can get real-time data of how your son or daughter is using chatting applications. You will know who and what they chat with on SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Facebook, and any other such apps.
  • Comprehensive tracking features. This feature lets you get call history, record calls, get keystrokes, take screenshots, track their phones using GPS, achieve geo-fencing, view installed apps, among other functions.
  • Multimedia. You want to know what pictures, videos, and voice messages your kids are taking; this is the feature that will help. It helps you get the phone’s surroundings and remotely take photos.
  • In simple terms, you can take control of their phones without them realizing it. It a discreet, secure, and tamper-proof way of ensuring your teenage child is not lured into a life they will regret.

As a parent, you have every reason to worry about when your child starts using the internet, especially in this era of games like online suicide games. But with the help of iKeyMonitor, you can be one step ahead of your child, and help him or she avoid the temptations of these games. This application will enable you to know who they are chatting, the sites they are visiting, their whereabouts and many other things. By installing this application, you would have joined millions of other parents who no longer have to worry about suicide games, as they can easily know what their children are doing at any given time.


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