Top 3 Screen Time Rules For Kids 2024

Screen time rules doesn’t need a hard and fast restriction but a steady approach to help kids getting less-addicted towards the things that can harm their health and skills in the long run. Remember, screens are not just Televisions now as they used to be when we were kids but there are a lot more options for kids to use and watch at such as tablets, cell phones, iPad, laptops, and computers, etc. Also, these devices aren’t being used by kids but adults only. Therefore, instead of making Screen Time Rules just for kids you need to make family screen time rules to make it better for the whole lot.

Moreover, before making Screen Time Rules, you need to figure out the ages of the children because simple screen time rules vary age-wise. Such as, these rules will vary for toddlers to adolescent, and adults. You must be thinking why to set screen time rules for toddlers as they are so small. Well, it is necessary because we become habitual of things at a very early age. Therefore, when we don’t want our kids to adopt wrong habits, we need to help them out with the right habits since a very early age.

Start to Set Screen Time Rules at Home

Well, making even simple screen time rules can incite the revolt in-home and due to the stubbornness of kids for using their devices, parents become helpless in making them following the rules. Also, sometimes kids try to trick their parents by telling that they need to use screens for their school work. Parents cannot help except breaking the rules and allowing them to use tablets or laptops. Now, no one knows when the research work stops and gaming and socializing starts. So, you need to extra wise to see when your kids are tricking or telling you truly regarding their use of computers.

How to Set Screen Time Rules For Kids and Family?

You have to consider the Screen Time Rules according to your family because the priorities and needs of every family vary according to their range. Such as, every family takes different limits of time to think when it is enough and when you need more time. Moreover, you need to consider age as well to find the limits regarding age because no matter what, kids need less while adults need more time with screens. Here are some simple family screen time rules regarding age for kids that you can use in your home.

What to Consider While Setting Screen Time Rules

Sit with your kids throughout the time of shows and also attend than when they are playing games on the mobiles. When the show is over, simply switch off the Television but before that make your preschooler busy in another healthy and interesting activity. Make sure to follow the pattern on an everyday basis to make it a habit of your kid.

1. Set screen time rules for Preschoolers

You will find so many gaming apps and quiz apps in play store with respect to the age of your kid that doesn’t go to school. Moreover, there are also age-specific TV shows that can catch the interest of your kids. You cannot stop your kids from playing such games and neither watching from such shows as they help a lot in cognitive development. However, there are also shows that are nothing more than a time waste. So, before you set screen time rules for your kids you have to figure out which shows are worth watching and which didn’t.

2. Set screen time rules for Elementary and Middle-School Goer

In this age, the online videos and games start to attract the kids more than the previous age, we were talking about. In this age, it can be a little hard for you to develop habits of your kids and set family screen time rules. However, it is not impossible all you need it is to be a little a trickier. Along with setting rules, you have to make the screen things inaccessible for your kids because they are able to use the stuff without your help.

You will have to be a little strict in this regard. No matter how stubborn your kids become, just stick to your rules. You can also introduce some sort of reward at the end of each month in order to make your kids following the family screen time rules. Also, help them to change their mind by indulging them in other activities and games rather than sticking with the screens.

3. Set screen time rules for High School Goer

Kids in high school are near to get adult and make their all decisions independently. However, you cannot simply leave them with screens to harm their eyes. Moreover, more time they will spend with screens, the more they will become less active physically. Therefore, you have to set screen time rules limit and make sure your adults follow them.

It is not good to be strict with this age group because it can be really harmful to the relations between you and them and there are chances for them to go on some wrong side. So, you have to be friendly with them and make the simple screen time rules that are not so hard for them to follow.

iKeyMonitor Helps You Set Screen Time Rules

Well, in the end, I would like to say that screen time rules are not just for kids but adults as well. So, instead of calling them simple screen time rules for kids, you got to call them family screen time rules. It means, all the adults of the family will also have to follow these set screen time rules in order to enforce them over your kids. Make sure, your husband doesn’t turn the TV on other than the standard time of watching TV. Also, make sure you don’t get busy with your cellphones for hours in front of your children. If you would do that, kids will never follow the rules of using cellphones and other screens less.  iKeyMonitor is the best app available that will help you set screen time rules efficiently. It will help you ensure that your kids will not waste their time.

This is a simple solution to set screen time rules – install iKeyMonitor on your child’s smartphone. iKeyMonitor is the most powerful spy app designed for iPhone and Android, designed to help parents track their children’s behavior on the iPad in real time. With this tracking software, parents can read every text message, visited websites, and secretly capture screenshots.

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