Screen Time Parental Control for Kids

Screen Time Parental Control for Kids

With so many kids having access to smartphones, screen time parental control for kids have become more important. There are plenty of younger children as well, who are using smartphones for accessing the Internet. The holiday break from school means kids will get engaged more in their devices so now it is an ideal time to implement some parental controls.

What Does Screen Time Parental Control Mean?

Screen time parental control app is in the form of app or software which enables you to control the access of the device on occasions. The phone gets locked automatically on the time that you have set for your child. There are several options by which parents to help control screen time on phones, tablets, and computers. Some of them are just for mobile devices, while others provide parental controls across multiple devices. So, whenever you are planning to use a tool, then you should wisely choose the one that has all the abilities. Here are some facts regarding the screen time parental control app:

  • It enables you to understand and oversee device usage. Using the screen time parental control features, you can set smart limits for yourself as well. Once screen time is set then it provides both monitoring and control options.
  • The tool helps in tracking and reporting everything from total minutes of phone usage to information on which apps your kid utilizes the most. You can do it in a daily perspective or over a week.
  • Content & Privacy Restrictions, of the tool, allows you to establish privacy preferences and limit explicit content as well as the language across your child’s device.
  • The access is limited from Music and Movies to Apps and Web Search Content.

Why Do You Need the Screen Time Parental Control App?

There are various reasons due to which you must restrict time for app categories, especially for social media apps. By using the app, you can perform various tasks which include the access of social media accounts and viewing various apps for a certain amount of time each day. It allows you to establish hours when the phone can’t be utilized for more than calls. Here are more reasons due to which it becomes necessary to set parental control on screen time:

  • Above all, when you have a reliable parental control beside you then it provides your screen time on any device. When you set an allotted time, a phone can remain unlocked each day then your child has a proper routine that they have to follow.
  • During bedtime or study time, you will be able to automatically lock your child’s Android at the specific time you set. This will enable your child to learn when to use the phone and when not to.
  • Through the app, You’ll get security and privacy features to help parents protect your child digitally. If you worry about the content or type of apps your child can access, then it lets you change the filters to restrict downloads of Apps, Games, Music based on the level of maturity of your child.

Ways to Set Parental Control on Screen Time

Now, when you are already aware of the benefits that a parental control app may provide. You must be aware that it helps in preventing your kids from changing the app settings that you select. That’s why you must be aware of how to set the screen time properly. Here are the ways by which you can do it perfectly:

  • If you intend to restrict Internet time, then you can minimize a child’s screen time which will in return restrict their usage of the Internet.
  • With the help of a tool for any Internet websites and applications, works oppositely from mobile app timers. Rather than setting a time limit for using an app, you can even block selected sites for the selected period.
  • There are no ways to override imposed restrictions. The blocked sites stay blocked even if you delete the app so it is beneficial in a way that your child can’t access those sites even in the future.

Is iKeyMonitor A Reliable Screen Time Parental Control App?

Today, there are numerous options of apps available in the market which helps in screen time parental control. iKeyMonitor proves to be a great option for parents, and it is perfect for most mobile devices and desktop operating systems. Just like other apps, it can help you set a daily time limit for your child’s device. Unlike other screen time apps, it also allows you to reward your kids with screen time for incorporating good behavior in them and make them disciplined over time. Here are the features which make iKeyMonitor the best option that you can choose:

  • You can streamline your kid’s digital life with their physical life and let them make the most of vacation time. With the help of it, you can schedule the system to help with bedtimes and other aspects of life.
  • As it has an included messaging system, so it makes the child stay on schedule with each other.
  • ou can completely block certain apps and allow unrestricted time on other apps like homework help or online learning sites.
  • Above all, you can monitor and protect all the online worlds of your children. You can set time limits on their child’s computer and phone, including setting up weekly schedules and hour limits.

With the help of iKeyMonitor, you can supervise your child’s search history and social media use also. Besides that, keeps you informed on what content and apps your child accesses and what time they connect. Hence, you can find out the websites that the kids use and block any sites they deem unsuitable. Implementing some screen time parental controls is a great way to help get your family to spend quality time together over the holidays as well as your kids will learn various ways to keep themselves protected and disciplined in this digital world.


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