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The internet can be very useful for kids and adults but there must be Internet usage rules. Kids can use it to research and get information for their school reports and project, play plenty of online games through the Internet and also communicate with their teachers and other kids through social media. As good as the Internet seems, there comes a bad effect on kids as well. Giving your child online access comes with risks of inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and access to porn sites among others. To eliminate the risks of the Internet, experts suggest creating Internet usage rules in your home for kids. Creating these rules are not enough as you must be strict to let your kids follow Internet usage rules.

Being parents is not an easy job as you should be aware of what your kids see and hear over the Internet, whom they meet, and what kind of details they share about themselves. Whatever they do, you must be aware of it. So, using certain tools like parental control apps to protect them and keep an eye on their activities wouldn’t be a bad idea after all.

What Is Internet Usage Rules?

Many people don’t know this but some Internet usage rules protect your child from the risks of the Internet. The growing use of the Internet has made lawmakers to create Internet usage rules so that no kids are exploited through the Internet. One of them is a federal law known as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This law is designed to protect kids younger than 13 years when they’re online.

1. Requires parental/guardian consent

It’s intended to keep anyone from getting a child’s personal information without their parent/guardian consent. If they need information, the parents/guardian would have to agree on it first.

2. Requires websites to demonstrate privacy policies

This act also requires websites to demonstrate their privacy policies and get parental consent before gathering a child’s personal information.

3. Personal info details

Personal information of a child includes their name, home address, mobile number, their school name, etc. This law prohibits any site from requiring a child’s private information that is irrelevant and not necessary to play a game or enter any knowledgeable site.

How To Aware Your Kid About Internet Usage Rules?

There are known to be creepy predators using apps and websites where kids interact. There are no Internet usage rules applied to an adult person. These creepy predators may pose as a kid who appears to have friendship with your kid. Considering that your kids won’t be aware of such cleverness at a young age, it would be best if you talk to your child. There are some guidelines which can help you navigate how to talk to your child about Internet usage rules for kids. Have a look:

1. Follow the rules

The first and foremost thing is that you ask your children to follow the Internet usage rules set by your family and the Internet service provider. These rules may prohibit some sites.

2. Don’t reveal personal info

Being a parent, it is your responsibility to let your kids understand that they can’t reveal their personal information on any website. Also, teach them what is personal information.

3. Don’t share passwords

Children mustn’t share any passwords with anyone at all.

4. Don’t respond to a threat

In case your child is cyberbullied like receiving threatening texts or emails, then you should involve the authorities and don’t respond to them on your own.

How To Set Internet Usage Rules For Your Kids?

Although teaching your kids about Internet usage rules is good, there is still the need to watch them be in control. Surely, every parent wants them to be doing good whatever they do. So, here are some ways by which you can keep an eye on your kid’s activities.

1. Keep the computer in a common area

Placing your computer in the common area can make sure that your kid won’t open any awkward website.

2. Use parental control apps in smartphones

As for the smartphone, use parental control spy apps to keep an eye on their online activities.

3. Be aware of any suspicious behavior

When something is up with kids, they act suspicious. So, be aware of their behavior and if they act strange, ask them politely to know the situation.

4. Spend time with them

Spending actual time with them can make you aware of what they are up to. So, be available for your kids.

Online Protection Tools Available For Internet Usage Rules

You have probably heard or seen many online protection tools popping on your screen while using the Internet. But have you ever tried one? Well, the majority of us aren’t bothered by these popping ads as they are mostly scamming and if a sponsored ad appears and you don’t know about then we are going to break it for you. Online protection tools let you have control of your kid’s Internet access. Usually, when your kid uses the Internet, there are no Internet usage rules for him to follow so he or she has access to adult material and vulnerable to cyberbullying and scammers. But having an online protection tool like iKeyMonitor can assure parental control over many adult websites. Let’s have a look at the online protection tools.

1. Parental control options

Many Internet service providers like schools, net cafes, bars, and gaming shops provide parent-control options for kids.

2. Parental control apps

Since the Internet is available for smartphones or tablets, there are parental control apps like iKeyMonitor which can track the online activities of your kids.

In the 21 century, it is really hard to keep the children from the Internet. It is the greatest invention of our time and it has many uses. So, create Internet usage rules at your home and be strict to follow them. Be aware of your kid’s online activities in the meantime through parental apps.

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