How to Keep Your Kids Safe from the Risks of Episode App: Episode Parental Controls 2024

Every day, the online platform releases many new apps, and the Episode app is one of them. When children can access the Internet and mobile devices, they are free to use any app they like. The Episode app is an interactive platform where users can share stories. The basic information provided by any app is not enough to understand whether it is safe or harmful to children. Therefore, please check the detailed reviews of this app so that you can take appropriate measures to protect your children.

What Is the Episode App?

The Episode app is an interesting mobile narrative platform where stories can be written by writers or users themselves. This is an interactive platform where readers can choose from different types of stories. There are many kinds, from romantic, mysterious, heartbroken works to drama. Here are some facts about the Episode app:

  • It is a mobile narrative network and platform.
  • It uses interactive Hollywood-caliber stories that were created from the ground up for mobile devices rather than passive entertainment for TV and movies. In the “plot”, your choice determines the direction of the story.
  • So far, more than 7 billion episodes have been watched on Episode, totaling more than 97,000 years!
  • It also opens a storytelling platform and has the world’s largest interactive storytelling community, with more than 12 million registered creators and 100,000 stories.
  • Users of the app can choose an avatar for themselves and then develop relationships on the app and according to select different fates and endings according to the progress of the storyline.

Is the Episode App Safe?

Most parents worry about their children’s safety when accessing the story app. It does not have any parental controls, so you cannot change the settings of the app and make it suitable for children. In this case, if your children have not used the app, it is best not to install them. However, if they are already using them, you must talk to them and explain age-appropriate stories to them. Your children may always encounter stories with sexual themes. Young children are more susceptible to such content and tend to interact with it. The following are the reasons why the Episode app is unsafe:

1. Adult Themes

Some stories present in the Episode app may contain adult themes while some have contents related to sex, drugs, alcohol. Few storytellers often make use of bad language which is unsuitable for children especially the younger ones.

2. In-app Purchase

The readers on the app are proved to make an in-app purchase of gems for receiving premium choices of stories. Due to the provoke the child may unknowingly spend a lot of money on it.

3. Age Rating

The plot is full of sex, drugs, and alcohol. The terms of service do tell readers that they must be at least 13 years old to use the app, but this is still too young.

How to Protect Your Children from Episode?

The Episode app will definitely have a negative impact on your children’s thinking. When you realize that this may have a negative impact on your children, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to protect them from harm. The most important thing you have to do is to have a proper conversation with your children using inappropriate apps. Introduce children to the harm this app may cause to them. You can also protect your children from the Episode app in other ways:

1. Have An Open Conversation

Over time, it has been found that clear conversations with children about the harmful effects of the application can help parents protect online children. Therefore, you must always discuss with your children online apps that may negatively affect your children.

2. Internet Safety Rules

You need to formulate Internet security rules and strictly comply with your children. Try to explore mobile apps with your children and find out which ones are not suitable. When browsing the app, if you find any inappropriate content, please have your children report it immediately.

3. Use A Parental Control App

You must always use the parental control app to set limits on the “story” app and check on what activities your child is doing on the app. You can find the types of stories your kids like to read and the avatars they always tend to choose. If you find anything inappropriate, take immediate steps to protect your children from such harm.

iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor Episode

These days, children are addicted to apps that enable them to choose avatars and live their lives as they wish. The Episode app is such a platform for storytelling. It may make children susceptible to many possible dangers such as bullying and expose children to inappropriate content. Parental control apps like iKeyMonitor can help you protect your children from harm. These are the ways iKeMonitor helps monitor Episode:

1. Monitor Social Media

You can access all activities performed by children on the Episode app. iKeyMonitor monitoring record will tell you every activity of your child.

2. Block Apps and Games

If your children have not downloaded Episode on their device, you can use the app blocker feature of the parental control tool to block the app, and your children cannot install it on their device.

3. Check Installed Apps

In addition to this, if your children are teenagers and are already using the app, you must track the type of content they are reading and take precautions to protect them.

Therefore, if you, as a parent, do not take appropriate measures to protect your children, then the Episode app may put your children at risk. Install iKeyMonitor on your children’s devices and make sure to keep an eye on their Internet activities.


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