How to View Deleted Call Logs on iCloud?

Do you know how to view deleted call logs on iCloud? Do you use iPhone? Have you deleted your call history? There are many times when we receive a call from known one but we forget to save their number and by accidentally deleting call log history, this can become a problem. In case, you have a backup, then you can restore and retrieve deleted numbers from call log.


Ways to View Deleted Call Logs on iCloud

When call logs are deleted to your iPhone, you usually suppose these sorts of information have long gone forever? But too many records have proved that the simple deletion isn’t always everlasting, and you can get the deleted or lost data returned with simple iPhone data healing software. You could view deleted call logs from iCloud in exceptional ways: get the tool at once, extract from iTunes backups or repair from iCloud. Obviously, every technique has its very own professionals and cons, but now you will not fear approximately which method is the first-rate one via yourself. iCloud backup will help users to recover call history.
To view deleted call logs on iCloud, follow these steps:

Step 1
  • Open the main menu and choose recover from iCloud Backup
  • Click Start
  • Select Call history
Step 2
  • Log in to your iCloud account
  • Select iCloud backup files
  • Select the missing call history
  • Click Next
Step 3
  • This will scan the backup files for the call history
  • Select the missing numbers
  • Click Recover

The Necessity for Viewing Deleted Call Logs on iCloud

Apart from that, you can use the iKeyMonitor app. This is an amazing app that helps you to recover the phone numbers. Through it, you can view call history on iCloud. All phone numbers to whom you send or receive messages will be saved automatically by this app.

Apart from that, there are many other benefits of this app such as it keeps the track of web activities. Most of the time we visit many websites while browsing the internet. This app records all the details of visited websites. Through this, you can prevent your kids from visiting unwanted sites that are too violent for them.

Privacy safety is a critical subject matter in modern-day society, many humans recall using iPhone in preference to the Android cellular phone because the iPhone is greater convenient than android in many methods.

iCloud as one of the primary and important feature of iPhone, we use it every day. Sometimes we are able to delete all of the iPhone name histories for private safety, inclusive of incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. But if one of the deleted smartphone numbers is forgotten to store to the touch list, can those deleted calls be retrieved. By following above-mentioned steps you can recover your lost data or use the iKeyMonitor to view deleted call logs on iCloud.

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