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Recover Deleted Line Chat History on iPhone and iPad with iKeyMonitor 2022

Top 5 Best Line Spy Apps

Do you know how to recover deleted Line chat history on iPhone and iPad when you check your kids’ Line messages but nothing is found? To protect the children from potential dangers online, you’d better check whether they have sent or received inappropriate Line messages on their iOS devices. Luckily you can recover deleted Line messages on iOS devices with iKeyMonitor.

The Necessity of Recovering Deleted Line Messages on iPhone and iPad

Recovering Line Chat History from social media is significant for you to strengthen parental control and employee monitoring. If you want to make sure that everything goes well, why not try iKeyMonitor?

  • Employee Monitoring

    Nowadays quite many companies equip their staff with iPhone and iPad so as to improve employee efficiency. However, some employees may use the distributed iPhone or iPad for their businesses, such as chatting with your children and friends on Line. What’s worse, some irresponsible employees even leak the secret business information to unauthorized parties, which may cause severe losses for the company.

    Employees are smart enough to delete all the Line chat history before you check their mobile activities. In this case, it’s necessary for you to check deleted Line messages on iPhone and iPad.

  • Parental Control
    An increasing number of children are using Line to communicate with friends and classmates. Some bad guys, such as sexual predators, rappers may also pretend to be young teenagers and make friends with kids. They may lure the kids into meeting offline, which is rather dangerous. Recovering deleted Line messages on mobile devices helps you know whether your children are involved in some dangerous situations.
  • The Best App to Recover Deleted Line Messages on iPhone and iPad

    A spy app can retrieve deleted Line chat history on phone. There are a lot of spy applications in the industry today. You can choose from the free and paid versions, but each of them has the unique features and reliability. Today, the most famous spy program is iKeyMonitor. It’s particularly useful for parents to check on their children, in particular for those who use social media apps a lot. There are many reasons why people purchase iKeyMonitor spy app.

    Recover Deleted Line Messages and Other Chats

    iKeyMonitor supports the recording of Line messages and other conversations on iOS devices, including text messages, contacts and time of messages. iKeyMonitor even recovers deleted Line messages on condition that these chats have been uploaded to iCloud backup before they are deleted.

    Record Other Activities Secretly

    Besides, iKeyMonitor also lets you monitor other mobile activities. For instance, you can track the GPS location on the device on a fixed interval. It can record both outbound and inbound call history.

    Monitor Photos and Videos on iPhone and iPad

    If you want to check what pictures and videos have been stored on the target iOS devices, you can use iKeyMonitor to realize this goal.

    Keep Track of SMS Text Messages

    It’s a powerful text messaging log monitoring app which can record every type of text message, including those that are sent and received. Not only does it keep track of the SMS text messages; it can provide you with the date and time of the messages. iKeyMonitor also spies apps that are text-related, like Skype and Line.

    iKeyMonitor is a powerful yet easy-to-use phone application. It provides quality service that tracks your mobile logs and sends you reports of the information they gather. One of the most sought-after features is recovering deleted Line chat history on iPhone or iPad, explaining why iKeyMontior is used by millions of subscribers worldwide. You don’t have to worry about your children interacting with the wrong crowd with iKeyMonitor.


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