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Do you constantly feel the need to record phone calls on Android to know whether your your children or employees are hiding something from you? Mobile phones are becoming more advanced, and people realize that Android devices are relatively the easiest to use. However, while some understand the benefits mobile phones devices offer humanity, others see it as an easy way to conduct wrong doings i.e. playing video games, watching violent and porn videos and films, threatening and blackmailing. Employees, see it as a means to exercise laziness around the company. All these push the necessity of recording phone calls on Android phones.

Good news is here, iKeyMonitor for Android can help solve all your recording needs. It is a user-friendly android keylogger whose performance is tested and proven beyond doubts.

When Do You Need to Record Phone Calls on Android?

Under some circumstances, you need to record a phone call on Android. Have you ever encountered one of the following situations?

  • If you are being threatened
    Having a recorded telephone conversation will be much easier to enable you to get help from the police or persons protecting you. It could also serve as a substantial evidence in court against an individual who has been threatening you. With iKeyMonitor for Android, you can record all the calls made to your phone.
  • If someone harasses you on call
    As I mentioned earlier, some people take advantage of the ease of communication that Android devices provide to harass others for no reason. Whether it is a debt collector, perverse boss, a friend, kid or stranger, iKeyMonitor can record all those harassment calls and upload the file to your remote online account where you or the law can listen to them when need be.
  • You want to know why your child frequent makes calls
    If your child is always making calls at weird hours to unknown persons but he or she wouldn’t tell you anything you shouldn’t get worked up over it anymore. Just install iKeyMonitor call recorded on their mobile phones and find out what it is they are hiding
  • Stop employees from misusing company provided android phone
    Some employers tend to misuse their company-provided mobile phones for their personal benefit. Others abandon their responsibilities at the workplace and start making endless phones calls when they should be working. You will never know who your employees keep calling while at work and why until you decide to get a mobile keylogger like iKeyMonitor for all your company provided cell phones.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor Android Call Recorder

What iKeyMonitor can do for you is more than record phone calls on Android phones. It also provides many other useful and inviting features for you.

  • Log Keystrokes and Passwords Entered
  • Log Both-Side Calls
  • Log Sent and Received SMS
  • Log chats from Facebook/Skype/Kik/Viber/Hangouts
  • Log URLs of Websites Visited
  • Block Inappropriate Apps/Games/Websites
  • Capture Screenshots at a Preset Interval
  • Log Chat Messages in Hangouts
  • Track GPS Location of the Target Phone
  • View Logs via Email/Online Server
  • Monitor All Activities in an Automatic Mode
  • Limit Screen Time on Android Phone

Now, you can solve all the mysteries behind phone calls made by children, employees, etc. iKeyMonitor proves to be the best software to record phone calls on Android automatically and more efficiently. Get iKeyMonitor for Android and begin recording. Restore your peace of mind.


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