How to Protect Teens from Choking Games? 2024

The Teen Choking Games is a dangerous game in which teens self-strangulate so as to realize a brief high. The high is that the results of Oxygen speeding back to the brain when respiratory are discontinued by the strangulation. This game is additionally called as space monkey, and it is extremely dangerous and might simply result in accidental death by such Teen chocking game.

Few Signs That Show Your Kid Is Participating In the Choking Game:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Marks or bruises on the neck
  • Confusion or disorientation after being alone for a period
  • Severe headaches, often frequent
  • Secretive behavior, irritability, hostility
  • The frequent need for privacy

Be familiar with the different names given to the Choking Game that you may overhear while communicating with your child. There are some names that might be helpful to know about kid’s involvement in the game such as pass-out game, space monkey, scarf game, space cowboy, purple hazing, the fainting game, the dream game, and cloud nine.

Know Better Ways to Protect Teen from Chocking Game:

If you think your kid has engaged in this dangerous practice, you must require fast action towards it. Have words with your kid concerning the dangers of the Choking Game. Also, make certain there is not something getting into together with your teenage that would cause depression, anxiety which will cause desperate practices just like such harmful game.

But what if you are away from your teen and acquire terribly less time to induce in reality together with your youngsters to guard them against the Teen Choking Game. Therefore iKeyMonitor brings you the simplest way to track your teen’s activities by passing each minute.

How Can iKeyMonitor Help to Save Your Teens from the Choking Game?

iKeyMonitor is an Automatic Keylogger for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android that records passwords, keystrokes, calls, SMS and chats Messages, website visits, and screenshots. Its features will help you to track every activity of teens. Those features are as followed:

1. Keep Track of internet Activities

iKeyMonitor records each site visited on Safari/Chrome. Visiting websites is that the most simple factor that individuals do online. It records all details regarding the websites visited, from that, you’ll be able to quickly tell if your kids or have visited any unsavory websites.

2. Record social app Messages

It helps you retain a listing of all incoming and outgoing text messages from WhatsApp Skype, Viber, Hangouts, and Facebook. With iKeyMonitor, all text messages that are sent or received in WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Hangouts Facebook are going to be recorded clearly, thus you’ll be able to monitor additional message activities on the target Phone and Protect Teen from Choking Game.

3. Automatic Monitoring

With Automatic monitoring, your teens would not get to know that you are monitoring them; in fact, you can find employees activities too, just to make sure no one is attempting such harmful acts and more. All of these will assist you to conclude the entire truth regarding their use of their iOS or Android devices.

So, protect your kids from Teen Choking Game and many other harmful activities with iKeyMonitor that enable you to track and Protect Teen from Choking games without letting them know that you are already tracking them.

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