Teens Constantly Connected With Cell phones And Internet: Protect Teens From Adverse Effects of Media Diet 2024

In this generation, modern technology has evolved into a mobile phone, Internet and social media diet in an unprecedented way, with the consequent adverse effects of media diet. Young kids and teens have constantly connected themselves with digital devices along with the internet connection and then spend most of the time on accessing various social media apps, dating apps, and websites. In this modern time youth are growing up in an immersed in the digital media and getting exploited in plenty of forms.Hence, it could be said that modern technology has its adverse effects on teens and kids.

What Does the Adverse Effects of Media Diet Imply?

Adverse effects are in terms of how they feel, learn, think and as well as how they behave. Besides that,it means uses of internet on cell phones are continuously impacting our youth minds. Here are some interesting facts about the effects of media diet on teenagers:

  • In this generation the young kids and teens own cell phones devices on which they can use internet, watch TV, and install apps such as instant messaging apps and dating apps as well.
  • Social messaging apps enable user to photo –sharing, video chatting, text messages, text conversations and other activities and that can have adverse effects on the teens.
  • There are number of teens who are constantly connected to the internet. They use at least one social networking app. Though there are more than 70% teens are using multiple social messaging apps such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram apps on their smartphones.

What Are the Adverse Effects of Media Diet on Teenagers?

The excessive use of cell phone screen having internet access can put teens safety on stake. It is known that teens are obsessed with the phone and other digital screen and spend most of the time on the internet. However, apart from smartphones, the TV screen and lack of physical activity can increase the risk of obesity among tweens and teens. It has been found that youngsters who spend more than 5 hours a day on TV, cell phones and computers are more likely to gain weight. When kids and teens watch advertisement of high calories and junk food, they usually start eating things like that and gain more weight. Apart from being obese, there are few more adverse effects of media diet on teenagers:

  • These may even interfere with our sleeping patterns and the teens who make use of internet, social media and sleep with the smartphones on their bedrooms usually got sleeping disorders.
  • As the child’s User’s continuously encounter with the blue light and stimulating content from the screen which can push them to have delayed or disrupted sleeping patterns.
  • Young kids may overuse media or take media diet all day long via mobile phones and cyberspace and that can cause problematic internet use. Teens who may play video games got internet gaming disorder.
  • Tech-obsessed teens spend more time on the screen and spend less time in real –life activities. That implies that the social media making us unsocial no time ever before.

How to Protect Teenagers from the Adverse Effects of Media Diet?

Multitasking is increasing among the teens since the technology has been evolved in the shape of a smartphone, cyberspace, and social media apps. So, that would have negative effects on grades. Hence, it is the role of parents to protect the teens from the effects of media diet. There is no doubt that today children growing under the influence of highly personalized media use experiences, and you need to take care and follow few steps for protecting teenagers. Here are few things that you can do to protect them:

  • Firstly, they can create personalized media use rules for the children. As it is known teens and kids need adequate sleep at least 8 -12 hours with accordance with the age, physical activity, and make sure that they stay away from media.
  • Another way you can save your children by making plans for children to use the internet, cell phone, and social media. This will help you to protect the children from all sorts of hazards.
  • Finally, set parental control on devices so that you are aware that your child is following all the rules with a failure.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Protecting Teenagers from the Adverse Effects of Media Diet

There are no full proof ways by which you can bane or stop kids and teens to use mobile phone devices, internet and social media at all. Stopping would be disastrous that’s why you need to realize that all these things are quite good also but excessive use of it would be bad. So, you need to monitor their phone and computer connected to the internet with the use of ikeyMonitor. Here are some of the ways in which you can use this tool effectively:

  • You can monitor incoming and outgoing calls with a secret call recorder tool of the mobile phone surveillance. Besides that, you can track screen time of kids and teens with the use of live screen recorder for android which make videos of the screen.
  • You will abe to check social media activities, YouTube, Chrome screen recording, Email, and SMS screen recording and also applied passwords with password chaser. You are able to receive the logs of all the trendy social media apps to prevent teens from breaching privacy activities, sexually explicit activities and sharing nude.
  • You can also get to know text messages logs, conversations, audio, and video calls and last but not the least WhatsApp Voice messages. Additionally, you can even track GPS location with pinpoint accuracy of teen’s location with GPS location tracker if they have planned a blind date with the stranger online.

Hence, if you wish to protect teenagers from adverse effects of media diet then you should be aware of their activities. This can be done easily with the help of installing a reliable spy app just like iKeyMonitor on the device of the child. This is the way by which you can find out the visited apps and websites and further you can remotely control the target device.


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