How to Prevent Teenagers from Sexting with the Most Effective Method?

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Many parents and educators are looking for effective ways to prevent teenagers from sexting so to keep children away from sexually inappropriate messages. The Internet together with electronic media have taken sexting to a whole new level with teenagers being the highest number of Internet and media users; teenage sexting is a thing of great concern especially with parents and society as a whole. Ways to prevent teenagers from sexting have been devised with very few proving to be a success. Luckily, with the continuous improvement in technology, software developers have been able to come up with more efficient and inexpensive ways to curb teenage sexting; parental control software like iKeyMonitor monitoring app.

Consequences of Teenage Sexting

Unfortunately, many teenagers who are involved in sexting do not know its consequences. In fact, some are completely unaware of the extent of damage to which sexting can cause. As a parent and adult, you need to be aware of these consequences so that as you sit your teenage daughter or son down on matters of sexting you can make them understand how ugly things can get.

  • Sexting can lead to bullying especially cyber bullying. When teenagers share nude pictures of themselves, the recipients or persons who come into contact with the images can take advantage of this to bully and humiliate teenagers.
  • Sharing of sexual content can lead to constant blackmail. Individuals in possession of the explicit material may use it as an opportunity to blackmail the sender into fulfilling their wishes and demands whereby if teenagers don’t comply they risk being exposed publicly.
  • Teenage sexting could compromise one’s dignity and reputation. Tell me how a person who has so much respect and admiration for you would feel if they came across your sexts like nudes and erotic messages? And not just the teen but the sender’s family reputation will also be at risk
  • Also, sexting could lead to emotional torment of adolescents. A teen whose sexts are out there will suffer from feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, loneliness, unhappiness, embarrassment and worst of all lack of a sense of belonging.

Effective Methods to Prevent Teenagers from Sexting

As mentioned in the first paragraph, different ways and means to prevent kids from sexting are available today. It is for you to decide and chose which one you think is the best to apply to your teenage child.

Talking to Them

Dialogue sometimes is always the best way to solve problems. Have you ever thought of engaging teenagers in sexual talks and lessons? I know that most parents experience the difficulty of talking to their children about sex. But trust me, it has been proven and advised by experts to always talk to teenagers about sex and relationships. Make the teenagers understand that it is okay to have relationships but also be keen to point out the dangers and consequences of engaging in sexual activities at a teenage age.

Make Use of Parental Control Apps

To some parents talking may not be much help and additional measures need to be taken. Why not try a parental control app like iKeyMonitor spy software that will enable you to monitor and control your child’s mobile phone activities. You can also block messaging apps and filter out sexual content from chats. It’s publically known that Snapchat and Kik are the commonly used platforms for sexting. With all its amazing features, iKeyMonitor is a spy app that will prevent your child from sexting quickly.

Institute Cell Phone Rules

Exercise your parental authority by establishing cell phone rules on your teenage child. Set time limits for mobile usage, restrict access to certain apps and websites, block contacts, etc. all these can be done with the aid of iKeyMonitor mobile keylogger.

There are many methods for you to prevent teenagers from sexting. Don’t get upset when you find that your kids are obsessed with sexting. Try and do what you can to help them get rid of such inappropriate actions. iKeyMonitor parental control not only helps you find out whether your children are engaged in sexting but also enables you to take actions to prevent teenagers from sexting.


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