iPhone Hacker: The Most Comprehensive App to Spy on iPhone 2024

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Are you looking for an effective iPhone hacker? There are many apps on the market that claim to monitor iPhone activity, but they provide limited functionality. iKeyMonitor iPhone hacker is the most comprehensive app that can be downloaded for free to track iPhone activities. If you’re a parent or employer with responsibilities for the way your iPhone devices are being used — then iKeyMonitor iPhone hacking app can give you the answers you need.

Why Do You Need to Hack An iPhone?

When you want to track someone’s Internet activity on iPhones, an iPhone spy app will come in handy. You can use such an app to monitor the smartphone usage of your children or employees. iKeyMonitor is a famous iPhone spy app. In fact, it can be used to track both Android and iOS devices. It is considered a security app with multiple spying features.

Parental Control

Teenagers now basically use smart devices. As a parent, you need to protect your children from potential online dangers. Without proper supervision, iPhone devices may expose your children to inappropriate content and dangerous apps. You need to use a parental control tool to keep your children safe online.

Screen Time Parental Control for Kids

Employee Monitoring

As an employer, you can use an iPhone monitoring tool to check the online activities of your employees during working hours. With an iPhone tracker, you can get information about the whereabouts and real-time GPS locations of them. You can track the time they spend on the screen to see if your employees are lazy during working hours. Most importantly, you can monitor the chat messages of your employees to detect if they have leaked company secrets.

monitor employees

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Remotely with iKeyMonitor?

When you equip your children or employees with iPhone devices, you may wonder what they did on their devices. iKeyMonitor iPhone hacking app is designed to provide you with an effective hacking solution. The steps below explain how you can use iKeyMonitor to spy on someone’s iPhone remotely:

Activate on iPhone/iPad(No Jailbreak, No Install)

  1. Sign up for a free trial of iKeyMonitor iPhone hacker.
  2. Enter the iCloud ID and Password.
  3. Wait for 30-60 minutes for the logs uploading.

no jailbreak solution

Install on iPhone/iPad(For Jailbroken Device)

  1. Go to the Download Center and install it via Cydia.
  2. Access localhost:8888 to configure and register it after install.

jailbreak solution

Hack iPhone Activities with iKeyMonitor Parental Control App

You can use iKeyMonitor iPhone hacking tool to monitor the digital behavior of your teenagers. With iKeyMonitor, parental control becomes easier. Check out the benefits provided by iKeyMonitor below.

Capture Screenshots on iPhone to Detect Suspicious Photos

iKeyMonitor periodically takes screenshots on your children’s iPhone devices. You can view these screenshots remotely to find out if there are suspicious pictures and take immediate action to protect them.

iphone parental control

Block Dangerous Apps to Protect Your Kids

It enables you to use time limit rules to block inappropriate or dangerous apps and games on your kids’ iPhones. In this way, you can ensure the online safety of your children.


Set Screen Time Limit on iPhone

iKeyMonitor lets you limit the screen time on your children’s iPhones by setting the maximum usage time of all apps. Control the time your children spend on their devices, so as not to keep them away from smartphone addiction.

time limit

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed on iPhone

It logs keystrokes on your children’s iPhones, including typed words and pasted text. This keylogger enables you to detect whether your children are playing abnormally or experiencing unnecessary trouble.

keystrokes on iphone

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities on iPhone

The alert words feature allows you to set up keyword alerts on the iPhone devices of your children. No matter when your children trigger the alert words or use a specific app on the target device, you will receive an instant alert via email.

get alerts

iKeyMonitor iPhone hacker has more than 30 monitoring features. It monitors iPhone activities by recording keystrokes and capturing screenshots. It provides a free trial for every user, which contains most of the hacking functions so that you can test it before purchasing.

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