How To Stop Child Sexual Abuse? 2024

Child sexual abuse can cause serious damage to the cognitive, social, and emotional development of a child so there is a high need to stop child sexual abuse. You have the most responsibility to prevent incidents of child sexual abuse. You must follow the process which can enhance children’s development, health and safety and along with that there is a need to adopt such programs which help to meet the basic needs of children and families. Besides that, there is a need to strengthen protective factors that encourage risk factors for sexual abuse.

What Are Different Natures of Child Sexual Abuse?

To prevent child sexual abuse, you must know the various nature of child sexual abuse. It has been found that the majority of child sexual abusers include someone the child knows. Only a fraction of incidents occur by people by whom the children don’t know personally. Here are some of the natures of child sexual abuse:

  • Most of the reported sexual assaults against children ages 6 through 11. Many research findings show that most of the juvenile sex offenders have themselves been victims of sexual abuse.
  • Common warning signs of preparators include excessive talk about the sexual activities of children; viewing of child pornography and many such activities.
  • The offenders often do not display such overt indicators of their sexual abuse of children and thus that makes difficult for you to detect an offender.

Why Do You Need to Stop Child Sexual Abuse?

When a child is inappropriately exposed or subjected to sexual contact or activity then it is termed as child sexual abuse. The physical signs of child sexual abuse are often difficult to detect, as most of the time the perpetrators may avoid physically harming their victims so that they can repeat the activities over time. Often a few children will have diagnostic findings. It is very different from rape because it is the situation where force and restraint are used and signs of injury are generally present. Here are some of the consequences of child sexual abuse:

  • When children are injured as a result of sexual contact or there are recurring complaints of stomach aches and/or headaches then that implies they have been harassed.
  • There are chances that few children can also contract sexually transmitted diseases or become pregnant as a result of sexual abuse.
  • Apart from these, they may experience various emotional consequences like extreme changes in loss of appetite, eating disorder, withdrawal, or aggressiveness.
  • They may face disturbed sleep patterns or a sudden fear from certain situations.

4 Ways to Teach Your Children the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse

Knowing various warning signs, you should routinely employ risk reduction strategies, for minimizing the child’s risk exposure for sexual abuse. It is necessary that parental supervision is provided to the level of opportunity a given circumstance may provide for the occurrence of the abuse and thus, observe and monitor relationships the child has with adolescents and adults. Here are some of the ways by which you can prevent the children from such incidents:

1. Teach your children body boundaries.

Name the body parts and talk about them as early as possible. Tell them that some body parts are private. Tell your child that no one can touch their private parts, and no one asks them to touch someone else’s private parts. Sexual abuse usually begins when the offender lets the child touch them or others.

2. Tell your children that body secrets are not okay.

Most offenders will tell their children the secret of conservative abuse. Tell your child that no matter what others say, their physical secrets are wrong. If someone tries to keep them conservative, they should always tell you.

3. Tell your children that no one should take pictures of their private parts.

You often miss this thing. There is a world full of pedophiles who like to shoot and trade photos of naked people online. This is an epidemic that puts your child at risk. Tell your child that no one should take pictures of their private parts.

4. Teach your children how to get out of uncomfortable situations.

Some children are reluctant to tell others “no”, especially older people of the same age or adults. Tell them that if something goes wrong, you can tell the adults to leave and help them get out of trouble. Tell your child that if someone wants to see or touch the private part, they can tell them they need to leave to go to the bathroom.

iKeyMonitor Helps You Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Despite such approaches, often it is difficult to prevent child sexual abuse. In this generation use of digital platforms is making it difficult for you to keep a check on the persons with whom children are having a conversation. It becomes easy to track them when they are tracked by using a spy app pre-installed on their device. While talking about the spy app what could be better than iKeyMonitor. Today, numerous parents rely on it for the safety of their child as it helps to stop child sexual abuse. Here are some of the features which help it to prevent child abuse:

  • You can monitor various social media platform such as Skype, Facebook, Line, Kik. You are able to view what your children posted online to figure out if there are something wrong happened.
  • iKeyMonitor allows you to listen to the sound around the phone by remotely recording the sound around the target device. This feature allows you to monitor your children’s surroundings to determine if they are in danger
  • A geofence is a virtual geographic boundary set on a map. You can use this feature to find out if your children are leaving your defined area. Once they get out of the geofence, you will receive an alert via email.
  • iKeyMontior tracks the GPS locations of the target device at preset intervals so that you can clearly see where your children has been or where they are. In this way, you can take timely measures when they are in trouble.

Thus, it could be said that as long as the Internet is there, both positive and negative impact on the child. To stop child sexual abuse, you have to take certain steps. The most important step is that you must install a reliable spy app like iKeyMonitor which enables you to handle all the issues easily. By using a parental monitoring app, you can check on all the online activities of the child and keep them secure.

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