How to Spy with a USB Keylogger or PS/2 hardware Keylogger 2024

The USB Keylogger is organized into an advanced flash file system. Super fast data retrieval is achieved by switching into pen drive mode for download. Completely Automatic for computer operation and no software or drivers required, also supports national keyboard layouts.

What Situation Should You Consider A USB Keylogger or PS/2 Keylogger?

  1. The target computer is Password Protected and you don’t know its login password.
  2. The target computer is logged out, locked or switched off.
  3. You have very little time to install a software Keylogger.
  4. The target computer is a tablet PC or has an external keyboard.
  5. You need a keylogger which is Impossible to detect and/or disable by using software scanners.

The KeyGhost hardware keylogger can be easily connected in under 5 seconds, even when computer is logged out, password protected, locked or switched off. Just plug it in! Its quite unobtrusive. Most users go months without examining the back of their computer. Think now … can you picture what the back of your computer looks like at the moment?

Once the KeyGhost is installed, it quietly records every key pressed on the keyboard to it’s own internal Flash memory (same as in smart cards).

How to Install Keyghost USB Keylogger / PS/2 Keylogger?

  1. Simply unplug the keyboard cable from the back of the PC
  2. Plug the keyboard cable into one end of the KeyGhost
  3. Then plug the other end of KeyGhost back into the PC.
  4. You need a keylogger which records any keystrokes including passwords.

No software installation is necessary!

Get KeyGhost Hardware Keylogger Now


without usb hardware keylogger
with USB hardware keylogger

For security reasons, the photo (above right) is only a representation of what the KeyGhost looks like. The actual KeyGhost II is injection molded to look exactly like an EMC Balun.

Faqs about Keyghost USB Keylogger and PS/2 Hardware Keylogger

Q. Can I record the keystrokes on one computer and retrieve them on another computer?
A. Yes, the KeyGhost device can be unplugged and moved around without any trouble. Record the keystrokes on one machine, and retrieve them on another. [top]

Q. Can I unplug the device without losing the keystrokes?

A. Yes, the KeyGhost device uses a permanent form of memory which doesn’t need batteries. [top]

Q. What happens if the keystroke log fills up?
A. The most recent keystrokes are preserved, and the oldest ones are lost. For example, the KeyGhost Pro SE stores 2,000,000 keystrokes (approx. 9 – 12 months worth of typing activity). When the log is full, it will overwrite the oldest ones gradually with the newest ones. In this manner, it stores the most recent 2,000,000 keystrokes, making it possible to review over one year worth of PC activity! [top]

Q. No software to install at all? Just plug it in? But how do
I retrieve the keystrokes?

A. Its very simple and quick to retrieve keystrokes, Just type the secure password in editor, you will get the keylogger window come out . [Top]
Q. Why do I want a KeyGhost device when I can use a key logger program available off the internet?
A. There are several reasons why a software program may not always be the best option. If the target computer is password protected, it will be almost impossible to install a software keylogger. The KeyGhost device installs in a few seconds, onto any desktop PC with any operating system. The KeyGhost device can be installed when the computer is switched off. It will also pick up passwords used to access the BIOS before boot up. [Top]
Q. Can the KeyGhost device be detected by special software?
A. No, installation of a KeyGhost device does not affect the computers operation in any way. A software program could never detect the recording of keystrokes. [Top]

Q. What if someone else types in the backdoor password by

A. Good question. The password can be between 8-12 characters. It is suggested that common words like ‘the’ are not used for the password, for obvious reasons. Choose a password with no meaning such as ‘kghostlogger’ and everything should be fine. [Top]
Q. How do I change the password?
A. After bringing up the configuration menu, there is an option to change the password. The retrieve keystroke example shows how this is possible. [Top]

Q. There are unusual characters in the log
A. This can occur if you are using another language. Unless the local is set to ‘english’ the angle brackets and other formatting characters in the log may come out incorrectly. [Top]

Q. How long can the backdoor password be?
A. Up to 12 characters, made up of letters only [top]

Q. That figure of 2,000,000 keystrokes looks like a typo. Explain.
A. Yes, it can store this many characters in its memory. [top]
Q. Does the KeyGhost work on Laptops?
A. Because of the many different brands, and power specifications of laptop keyboard and docking ports, it is quite hard to predict if the KeyGhost will work favourably with your laptop.
In order for it to function you will need to use an external keyboard in the back of the laptop’s PS/2 port. Any keys typed on the laptop keyboard will not be recorded, only those typed on the external keyboard will be recorded.
Some laptops do not accept keys typed at high speed on an external keyboard, so the Turbo Download Adapter is recommended for use with the laptop, otherwise the ‘Keystroke Ghosting’ may have to be set at a slower speed to retrieve the log. [Top]

Q. Does the KeyGhost work on a USB keyboard?
A. We have a KeyGhost USB Keylogger device available that is designed for use with USB keyboards. Note: The PS/2 models (small round plug) of KeyGhost do not work on USB (rectangular plug) keyboards. There are no adapters available to make a PS/2 version work on a USB keyboard. KeyGhost PS/2 versions only work with PS/2 keyboards (small round plug), and older DIN style keyboards (larger round plug, but requires adapters). If you are unsure which type of keyboard you have on your system, follow the lead to the back of the PC and check the shape of the plug. If it is round, then the PS/2 KeyGhost will work, if it is rectangular then the KeyGhost USB Keylogger will work.
Note. Some USB keyboards come with their own purple coloured USB to PS/2 converter, in those cases, a PS/2 KeyGhost will work when connected between the PS/2 adapter and the PC as the keyboard detects the adapter and reconfigures itself to PS/2 mode. There is no generic USB to PS/2 adapter available. [Top]

Q. Does the KeyGhost work on Wireless keyboards?
A. Yes, a KeyGhost device should work on wireless keyboards by plugging it between the Wireless receiver and the PC PS/2 port, USB port or USB HUB. The receiver that comes with your wireless keyboard can be USB or PS/2. If it is USB (small rectangular plug) you need to choose one of the KeyGhost USB Keyloggers. If it is PS/2 (small round plug) and has two round plugs coming from the receiver (one for mouse, one for keyboard), connect a PS/2 model KeyGhost between the receiver’s keyboard cable and the PC. [top]

Q. Will KeyGhost store ‘Control’ characters and function keys?
A. Yes. The KeyGhost stores all keys typed on a keyboard, even key combinations. This is important, as it helps you understand exactly what happened on the PC. The keys are output as text tags into the log. E.G. When the Control and C keys are pressed in combination, the log shows . Even arrow keys are recorded and displayed as (left) (right). [top]

Q. During downloading, can I stop the memory dump from occurring?
A. Yes. Simply press any key once and the KeyGhost will return to the main menu. [Top]

Q. Will KeyGhost work with KVM switches?
A. Yes. KeyGhost will work with most KVM switches, however, in some cases (due to issues with some KVM switches) you will need to install KeyGhost directly to the PC you want to monitor. i.e. between the KVM switch and the PC’s PS/2 socket. [Top]

Q. How to fix Microsoft Word 2000 and “double numbering” in the menu
A. Go into Tools .. Autocorrect .. Autoformat as you type .. and switch off ‘automatic numbered lists’. [Top]

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