How to Spy on iPhone 5 with iKeyMonitor 2024

Why Use An iPhone Spy Program

The question how to spy on iPhone 5 can be easily answered with iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app, iKeyMonitor. Smartphones have certainly revolutionized the way we communicate and stay up to date in a great way. Keeping in touch with our family, checking the latest news, timely business correspondence, sending and receiving media files and interacting on social networks, everything is done through smartphones. However, if proper control and check & the balance are not kept, smartphone technology can have many negative effects on our lives. Hence the need for spying is felt by those in charge of the jobs, those performing parental duties at times and many other persons. So if you want to learn how to use a iPhone spy app you will surely find iKeyMonitor very interesting.

iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App

iKeyMonitor is an iPhone monitoring software that is specially designed to spy on iPhone and works perfectly well with other iOS devices as well. The primary function of this intelligently designed app is to enable you to record keystrokes on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This means you can retrieve each and every word typed by the person using the target device.

This amazing function comes bundled with lots of other useful goodies as well that we shall explore now. Tracking iPhone 5 and all Apple devices was never so easy and convenient as it is now with iKeyMonitor.

How to Spy on iPhone 5 with iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor will help you achieve the following functions in the handiest fashion possible. You will understand how to spy on iPhone device with iKeyMonitor after you know about the features of iKeyMonitor.

  • Keylogger for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This will enable you to log all keystrokes typed.
  • Successfully record the encrypted data entered including passwords.
  • Have a record of clipboard I.e. All text copied and pasted.
  • Log text messages and chat conversations in apps such as WhatsApp and Viber.
  • Have a history of websites visited in Safari Web browser.
  • Capture screenshots at a predefined time interval.

This makes iKeyMonitor the most comprehensive iPhone 5 spying software. And it’s not just a spy app for iPhone, but also a very effective keylogger for iPad, and an intelligent spy app for iPod Touch. This package brings you the solution to all your spying problems in one neat app.

Value-Added Services of iKeyMonitor

When we say iKeyMonitor is the most comprehensive spying tool for iOS, there is a reason for it. It runs in a complete stealth mode, which means the user of the device will have no indication whatsoever that his/her activity is being monitored. To further enhance the protection, the app is protected with a password so that no one but only you can access it.

iKeyMonitor can also send the log of the recorded activity directly to your email or FTP address so you won’t need to have direct access to the target device. Its functionality also allows you to remotely turn on or off the monitoring. Cool, huh?

Why Spy on iPhone 5 with iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor has helped several persons achieve their purpose in a convenient and secret manner. Whether you want to monitor your children’s activity online, spy on your suspicious kid (with their permission), or want to keep an eye on that unproductive employee, iKeyMonitor helps you achieve everything. So if you are looking to find how to spy on iPhone, look no further. Your dream app is right here waiting for you.

iKeyMonitor is also critically acclaimed iPhone spying app that has received full ratings from CNET and Softpedia reviews. It had also received 5/5 star rating based on 213 customer reviews for its keylogger for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch abilities. So you probably know now how to spy on iPhone 5. If you need support after purchasing the app you can contact with the iKeyMonitor staff on their toll-free number 24/7. They’re very supportive and keen to help. Good luck with iPhone spying!

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