Hoop Review: A Guide for Parents

Hoop: A Guide for Parents

Have you noticed that your children are using Hoop to share Snapchat information with random strangers? If so, then you need to pay attention to your children’s online activities. Your children are likely to face many dangers because of Hoop. Recently, Hoop is very famous among teenagers, you need to figure out whether your children are using Hoop and whether they need your help.

What Is Hoop?

Hoop is a social media platform that allows users to connect with strangers. By looking at the profile of the mentioned user, you can find the person to start the conversation. Once the person accepts the request to initiate a conversation, they must click a button, which will enable them to continue the conversation in Snapchat. Here are some facts about Hoop:

what is Hoop

  • It allows you to add users from all over the world through Snapchat.
  • In Hoop, people you don’t know can also request to add you.
  • It is designed for users over 13 years old, not just adults.
  • In Hoop, teenagers might connect with people of all ages.

hoop app

hoop review

Is Hoop Safe for Kids?

Once you understand how Hoop works, you will never think it is safe for your children. It has a proximity filter option that allows users to find matches with nearby users. It is very dangerous for children to have a conversation with a stranger.

Inappropriate Content

In hoop, search preferences are set for any country/region, and there is no filtering for age or location. Your children are likely to access inappropriate content in this app.

hoop adult content

Child Predators

Hoop has a proximity filter that allows people to match nearby users. With this filter, child predators can easily find nearby children and lure them to meet.

online predator

Privacy Issue

Hoop allows children to send Snapchat friend requests to their favorites only when they have enough diamonds. In order to obtain these diamonds, children must share their personal information.

Privacy Issue

How to Protect Kids from Hoop?

Since Hoop is still a new app and many new features are introduced every day, it is difficult for you to know all the information about it. If your children are using Hoop, they are likely to be in danger. As a responsible parent, you need to take various measures to protect your children. You can take the following measures to protect your children from Hoop:

Explore Hoop together

You can spend time exploring Hoop with your kids. This will give you the opportunity to discuss why you think it is not suitable for them and help them understand your reasons. Be honest and take the time to listen to their thoughts.

explore hoop

Talk to Your Kids

As a parent, you must educate your children about the pros and cons of the Internet world. Making children aware of inappropriate apps and websites will guide them on the right path. Inspire your children through proper education on social media and related issues. You can take your children to individual instruction or seminars about threats in the online world.

talk to kids

Grab the Perfect Parental Control App

iKeyMonitor is a powerful monitoring app that covers many parental control functions. It allows you to monitor your children’s chat apps, set screen time limits, capture screenshots on children’s phones, get alerts about dangerous activities, and so on.


Set Up System Built-in Parental Controls on Children’s Phones

It is no secret that children like digital devices. As a responsible parent, you need to take on the arduous task of restricting the usage of devices to protect them. The built-in parental control features of smartphones can help you solve your problem. You can use parental controls to limit screen time, prevent in-app purchases, control access to inappropriate content, monitor your children’s online activities, and protect their privacy.

System Built-in Parental Controls

Monitor Hoop with iKeyMonitor Parental Control App

Monitoring tools such as iKeyMonitor can help you track your children and protect them from dangerous apps such as Hoop. If you know that your children’s devices are already equipped with Hoop, it’s wise to track their online activities. If your children still don’t know this app, it’s best to block it in advance. These are some methods that iKeyMonitor helps to monitor Hoop:

Capture Screenshots on Hoop to Detect Suspicious Photo

It detects inappropriate pictures such as pornographic screenshots or photos in your children’s Hoop albums, helping you find signs of porn addiction or online predators on Hoop.

hoop screenshots

Block Hoop to Protect Your Kids

If you find Hoop in your children’s phones, please enable the blocking option immediately to protect your children from potential dangers. The “App Blocker” function in the iKeyMonitor parental control tool will help your kids focus on real-time activities, such as friends, outdoor activities, school homework, etc.

block hoop

Set Screen Time Limit on Hoop

You can remotely set reasonable screen time on Hoop for your children and track their daily app usage. Help them develop healthy digital habits and get rid of Hoop addiction.

Screen Time Limit

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed on Hoop

You can monitor the keystrokes entered by your children on Hoop. It enables you to quickly determine whether your children have searched for any inappropriate keywords, such as pornographic or violent content.

Track Keystrokes

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities on Hoop

Using this feature, you can immediately receive notifications when your children perform dangerous or inappropriate operations on Hoop. In this way, you can take steps to protect your children from potential risks.

get alerted

Now is the best time to take appropriate action to protect your children from online predators. Hoop plays a vital role in providing a platform for children to meet strangers. Install the reliable iKeyMonitor parental control app to monitor your children’s Hoop activities and protect them from online dangers.


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