FriendO App Review for Parents 2024

The FriendO app is a quiz app where children can take quizzes and discover their true friends. Unlike many other apps that allow users to make new friends, this app is not anonymous. It allows users to find their true friends by answering some questions about each other, whether they are friends in real life or strangers. Teenagers are very interested in using this application, but usually, they end up making stranger friends and bullying them in some way. Therefore, if your child is using the app to make friends, then you need to track your child’s FriendO activities.

What Is the FriendO App?

In the FriendO app, the users have to answer questions about each other and if two users find each other compatible then they become friends. While using the app, many times teenagers may encounter suggestive mature themes, crude humor, drug use references, and sexual content. Though it has mentioned that the users should be above 17 years but there is no verification method to confirm the age of the users. Hence, many growing children can build up their profiles in this and easily become prey to predators. Here are some facts about FriendO app:

  • The users have to answer quizzes about each other before becoming friends. This is a test of compatibility so that friends on this app can understand each other in a better way.
  • There is a ranking board in FriendO app for the users where they can rank higher or lower and it depends on the number of friends they make.
  • The one who gives more correct answers to the quizzes will gain higher positions. In this way, four top spots need to be filled.

Is FriendO Safe?

If you observe FriendO from a distance, then you will find that the application looks very simple, looks like a game-friendly application, with many relaxing and interesting themes. However, when you learn more about this application, you will find some offensive categories and problems. It does not apply to teenagers, once the user can invite at least three friends to join the work category, the work category will be unlocked. According to the report, as a parent, you should never think that FriendO is safe for your children. The following are the reasons why FriendO is not safe:

Adult Themes

After the user invites at least three friends to join the application, they can unlock and access the NSFW category. As Mashable reported, a category is titled “MSFK” (Marriage, Gender, Friends, Murder), which asks testers what they want to do with a celebrity. Another risk category is marked as “dirty” and contains questions about sexual activity and pornography in bed. The most recent update (February 2018) seems to imply “more… intimate themes.”

Online Predator

Opportunities to contact predators are possible. There is a messaging component in which users can search the entire database, and can ask friends who they do not know and play with them. The app can also link to Facebook, providing more ways for “friends” to meet.

No Parental Control

Although the app states that users between the ages of 13 and 18 must have parental permission (although the app is rated 17+, the tip is scratched), there is no real way to implement it. Users must enter a valid phone number to use the application, but it is easy to replace it with a fake email address and/or name.

How to Protect Child from the FriendO App?

Now, when you know that the FriendO app is not safe for your child, you will want to know what steps can be taken to protect the child from their abuse. You must let your child know that this application is not suitable for teenagers. Although it seems to be a gaming platform and is popular among high school students, it has many pornographic contents that are harmful to the development of children’s brains. You can protect your child from the FriendO app by the following methods:

Communicate with Your Child

You must directly interact with your children and explain to them why they should not use this application. If your child is already addicted to using this application, help them get rid of addiction. You must communicate with your children every day and understand their behavior.

Promote Outdoor Exercise

You can encourage your children to participate in outdoor games so that they can be transferred from the online application. Encourage them to meet real friends, talk, and play with them. In this way, children can easily contradict their thinking with their smartphones.

Use A Monitoring Tool

The use of monitoring tools has become a necessity for all parents to track all activities performed by their children online. The tool also gives you the opportunity to directly block such applications.

iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor the FriendO App

When children are addicted to using the FriendO application, iKeyMonitor is an ideal tool for monitoring children. By using this monitoring tool, you can protect children from predators or adult content. You can remotely access a child’s device, so you can easily monitor all applications installed on your child’s device. When you can directly check all of your child’s online activities and block inappropriate content, you don’t need to argue with your child. Here are some ways iKeyMonitor helps monitor FriendO app:

Block Apps and Games

With this tool, you can easily block specific apps on children’s devices. iKeyMonitor’s application blocking feature allows you to block any application that you think is not suitable for your child.

Screen Time Limit

The screen time function allows you to wisely manage your child’s time on the online platform so that the child can use their time for learning and exercise.

Online Activities Report

The tool provides you with detailed reports on all activities of children’s equipment in an organized manner. You can find out on FriendO whether any friend of the child is not suitable for the child. If any child is found, corrective action should be taken.

iKeyMonitor is a good monitoring tool when protecting your children from the harmful effects of the FriendO app. With proper supervision, you can keep your children away from online threats.

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