Boo App Review for Parents 2024

These days, children are obsessed with different apps and the Boo app is one of them. It is difficult for the parents to remain aware of all the apps that the child is using and getting obsessed with. But parents must know about the Boo chat app which is quite popular among teens and kids where they tend to share cool content with others.

What Is the Boo App?

Basically, the Boo app is a video chat app that enables the users to create custom 3D avatars in it. It is quite easy to use the app. The user has to just select the gender, race, features, style, and outfits. Along with choosing your own avatar you can even do the home décor, invite your friends to visit your home in the game. You can even collaborate on-camera and prepare fun videos on it. The camera on the app works in two ways, one is where you can use the selfie cameras for capturing your picture and turning on an avatar. The other way is by using the AR camera where you can make the character perform the activities that you want like dancing, playing with friends, and a lot more. Here are some reasons due to Boo app is popular among teens:

  • Among teens, the Boo app is a viral sensation because of its colorful interface. It has so many attractive features due to which it is becoming a favorite of all the kids.
  • Using the app, kids can interact with their friends in a completely new way. They feel that they are in a new world and have a different personality.
  • With the perfect combination of messaging, video chat, and games, the millennials are getting hooked to it.

Is the Boo App Safe?

Boo app has made a viral sensation among teens and its priced version is also loved so much by children. The paid version allows you to customize the character, personalize the photos, and make emojis using the selfie camera. A lot of teens are using this app as a sex chat app. As a parent, you must understand that this is not at all safe for the child. These are some reasons due to Boo app is not considered safe:

Sexual Contents

When any app allows the kids to record anything, they want then that can be dangerous. Many adults also use the app as sexual predators. If your child becomes the prey of these adults then they can even become a victim of a sexual bully.


As Boo app is a chat app, so the kids can easily become a victim of cyberbullying. Other kids or the adults can make fun of the Kid’s character or the activities that they perform on the app as well as unpleasant messages to the child. This fight can carry on in the real world as well.


Children getting addicted to anything is bad. When your child spends so much time on apps like the Boo app then begin to believe the character to be real and start behaving like that even in real life. Due to this, they will have to suffer later in real life.

How to Protect Your Child from Boo?

After understanding the harm that the Boo app can cause to your child, you will definitely want to take steps to protect them from it. Usually when teens and tweens have anonymous character then they start to hide behind it and misbehave more. Besides that, you must protect the child from getting exposed to sexual content, profanity, and incidents of cyberbullying. If you take proper action against the use of this app then that can prevent the psychological impact of the child from this. Here are the ways by which parents can protect children from Boo app:

Meet Offline Friends

Encourage kids to meet their friends in person. When kids tend to use apps like Boo then they don’t have physical contact with their friends. In such a scenario, you must tell you, child, to go and meet their friends. Allow them to invite friends over to your place for meetups.

Talk to Your Child

If you find that the child is getting addicted to boo then start talking with the child. Make them understand the difference between real-life friends and virtual life friends. You must also talk and educate them about the dangers that apps like Boo can bring to their life.

Install A Monitoring Tool

Install a monitoring tool on the device of the child. It will prove to be a game-changer. You can easily keep track of all the activities and find out whether your child is using this app. Apart from that, you can easily block the child from downloading and using these apps.

iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor Boo

Monitoring tools like iKeyMonitor plays an important role in protecting children from the harmful effects of the Boo app. You can easily monitor the activities of the child through the notification that you get on your device. If you find that the child has not yet downloaded the app then simply block them from downloading it through a feature present in iKeyMonitor. Here are some ways by which you can use iKeyMonitor to monitor Boo:

Web Filtering

The web filtering features enable the parents to set up limits on the web content that the child can view or post. If your child comes across any adult content on the Boo app then that automatically gets deleted.

App Blocker

The app blocker feature of iKeyMonitor helps the parents to block the facility to download the app on the device itself. Along with that, you can apply a screen time limit after which the child can’t use the device.

Activity Report

Basically, the monitoring tool provides you activity report of the child. You get daily updates about the activity performed on their devices. Check out the contents that the child is accessing and if there is anything inappropriate then immediately take protective action.

Now, you know about the Boo app and the negative impacts that it can bring on your child. It is advisable for the parents to always use parental control apps like iKeyMonitor and ensure that the child is safe in this online world.

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