Cyber-Prank Victim Jessi Slaughter’s Story Sends Parents A Warning 2024

Jessi Slaughter, an 11-year-old girl, who is now under the protection of police after she fell victim to cyber-pranking.

Jessi became the victim of some vicious rumors that her ‘haters’ posted about her. Then she used her webcam to post videos that talk about how she was better than others and uploaded them on YouTube and 4Chan to rebuttal. Her rants video and the offsetting comments began to build momentum, the whole issue became an overnight sensation on the Internet. The Internet trolls picked up her and responded by attacking her. As the videos spread to various sites and people began to post her real name, phone number, address and social network account. She got hoax phone calls, even someone wanted to send call girls to her address. When her father was seized of his daughter’s Internet incident, trying to undo some of the negative influence, he was not only reported to the police but also posted his own tirade video to respond. Unfortunately, things went worse and the threats kept on until Jessi was taken by the local police into protective custody.

Jessi Slaughter has become an Internet phenomenon, her story isn’t over yet that it could stand as a lesson to teens who are active on the Internet. In addition, it sends a warning to parents to know what their kids are doing online and how to protect their children from Internet threat.

Here Are Some Tips Shared with Parents

★Do not put the computer in your kids’ room but a public place. You never imagine what they are doing while you not by their side.

★Know where your kids are going online. They go to social network sites making attacking post to others or YouTube watching a Miley Cyrus porn video? Sometimes, the absorbing sites could be dangerous for young.

★Monitor your children’s Internet activity. Jessi’s cyber-pranking story happened without parental supervision. Today, IT experts commit themselves to the children online safety and provide parents kinds of solutions. Software like Aobo web filter, SentryPc parental control, iKeyMonitor can give parents regular updates on teens’ online activities as well as pretty good control.

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