A Warning for Parents: Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” Is Dangerous for Children 2024

Netflix “13 Reasons why” has already created a buzz around, thus makes it an arguably show. The series tells the story of high school student Hannah who dies by suicide then posthumously seeks justice; even revenge on the people she believes caused her death, via cassette tapes. It includes a very graphic and entirely gratuitous suicide sequence. This show has created individuals contemplate whether or not suicide may be an attainable choice for them that shows Netflix “13 Reasons why” promoting such a wrong try.

Why Netflix “13 Reasons Why” Is Dangerous for Children?

There is most analysis regarding the risks of showing content portraying dangerous ways. A lot of the analysis leans on the social learning theory that vulnerable people could establish with a suicide victim and be triggered by their behavior. Studies have found that the strategy of suicide pictured during a fictional film or program, and inflated rates of suicide try victimization such methods.

The story of Netflix “13 Reasons Why” revolves around the “suicide” and this is often each parent’s nightmare and an awfully unfortunate risk factor in adolescence. The story deals with bullying and also the range of how that this could happen with any youngster – in the flesh, online, with images, texts, eye-rolls and social isolation. It’d take your children with severe mental illness or make them demotivated.

How iKeyMonitor Keep Track over Their Children Watching Netflix “13 Reasons Why”?

1. Automatic and automatic Monitoring

With Automatic and automatic monitoring, you can monitor your kids like what they watch or what they surf on the internet. As your kids would not get to know that you are keeping an eye on their activities and more. This way you can find out the complete truth that how your kid’s use their iOS or Android devices.

2. Record Keystrokes and Passwords your kids Entered:

It keeps track of all keystrokes together with Passwords in secreted mode and affixed texts. All keystrokes inputted like the Netflix “13 Reasons Why”, affixed texts may be recorded even the automatic characters of passwords. Whether it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other site it records all types passwords as well as keystrokes.

3. Keep track of what your kid’s surf or their web activities:

It Records all the web history in Safari/Chrome by keeping a list of the title of each website your kids go through. Records the URLs your kids enter and also the date and times when the specified website is visited.

4. Monitor Social Networking sites

It helps you record activities that are performed in social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or to watch online shows such as Netflix “13 Reasons Why” by recording all messages that users post on the social networks with your iOS/Android devices and records chat messages sent on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

Therefore, keep trailing your kids’ internet activities with the iKeyMonitor to save them from any of the destructive content that in all probability might build them demotivated or force them to try a harmful act. So keep children away from any of the negative thoughts from Netflix “13 Reasons Why” and keep tracking their interests.

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