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Good afternoon, my name is Anton.
Recently I bought a daughter a smartphone, and she completely went into it. And I really wanted to pick it up, because she spent hours on it, I could not say if she used it for harm. It would not be fair to pick up a phone from a child, as she kept saying that she was using it with benefit for study. Thus, we agreed that she can save it until she agrees to install the monitoring application. After a long search for a program suitable for us and user reviews of several applications, we settled on iKeymonitor.

This makes basic monitoring as long as there is good internet. Installation is quite simple and quick. I installed it on an Android device that was rutted, but it still worked. I got call logs, some call records, sms logs, photos, app screenshots gps information.

IKeymonitor has many great features that no other software provides on Android devices that do not have root. Most of all I liked the recording of conversations, a photo of the world around. Most other programs require root for this feature on Android devices. Everything that was recorded was clear when listening. It also records the entire call until the call is disconnected. You understand both ends of the conversation quite clearly.

Other features included:

Viber- received all correspondence on viber as well as past and all subsequent ones.

WhatsApp – I received WhatsApp conversation records. I did not expect this and was quite surprised by it. It works like a charm too.

iKeyMonitor worked for me as a parent, especially where Wi-Fi was available. This gives me some confidence that my daughter is not exposed to external influences. The functions of the application filter, web filter, geo-fencing and alerts were especially useful because it means that I do not need to spend every second checking what my daughter is doing. I can simply configure alerts and filters and wait for notifications. It also means that my daughter has some privacy, and I intervene only when the agreed rules for using the smartphone are violated.

I can recommend using this program for parents who are very worried about children but also do not forget about their personal space;

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Friday, October 18, 2019 @ 08:36:00 am
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