Top 5 Best Call Recorders for iPhone 2024

Looking for an app to record calls on your iPhone? Which is the best call recorder for iPhone? You want to record calls on your iPhone, but Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps to directly access the microphone and the integrated phone app.

Luckily, there are some apps and methods that bypass this restriction, making it easy for you to record calls on an iPhone. We have reviewed the top 5 best iPhone call recorders for you to select. In addition, we also provide three methods that help you record phone calls without an app. Let’s take a look!

How Do Call Recorders for iPhone Work?

On iPhone, call recording is blocked. But iPhone call recording apps can bypass the limitations to achieve the recording function.


One feature that every iPhone owner has been waiting for for a long time since the release of the first-generation iPhone was the call recording feature offered by Apple. Until now, users tended to rely on external calling service apps to record their calls, but they had to pay some subscription fees. However, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can do this with a jailbreak tweak that solves the above problem by providing a call recording feature for your iOS device.

Call Recorder Jailbreak Tweak

3-Way Conference

iPhone call recorders use a 3-way conference calling method to record calls. The third “caller” is a recorded line, provided by the application developer’s service. Before using a call recorder for iPhone, check if your mobile phone carrier supports three-way calling.

3-Way Conference Call

VoIP Call Recording

VoIP is an Internet-based calling technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls. VoIP apps use VoIP call recording services to help you record incoming and outgoing calls in the cloud. After recording, you can go back and play the recordings.

VoIP Call Recording

1. iKeyMonitor Free Call Recorder for iPhone (Jailbroken)

iKeyMonitor is a free call recorder for iPhone that automatically records calls on jailbroken iPhones. It enables you to record both incoming and outgoing calls remotely. Besides recording calls, it also allows you to record voice messages and phone surroundings. All recordings from the monitored iPhone are uploaded to your online account for checking. You can try this best call recorder for iPhone at no charge.


  • Automatically record calls
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Monitor voice messages
  • Download or export recordings from the cloud panel


  • Free plan available
  • Automatic recording
  • Run in the background


  • Requires jailbreaking to record calls on iPhone


2. Ease Call Recorder (3-Way Conference)

Ease Call Recorder is an automatic recorder for iPhone that allows you to record both sides of the conversations in high quality. It uploads the logs to the Cloud, including call conversations, date and time stamp of each call, contacts. Or you can save the recording files on your SD card for offline listening.


  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Record voice messages


  • Free & Safe


  • No

Ease Call Recorder on iPhone

3. Google Voice (VoIP Call Recording)

Google Voice is one of the best free call recorders for iPhone that enables you to record calls without compromising audio quality. It offers free voicemail, toll-free phone numbers, calling services, and even recording of incoming calls. Call recordings are forwarded to you via email and appear in Google Voice’s list of voicemail recordings.

While it’s possible to make and receive phone calls using Google Voice on your iPhone, you can’t record outgoing calls.


  • Record incoming calls
  • Voicemail
  • Calling services


  • Free version
  • Easy to use


  • Can’t record outgoing calls
  • Only work for personal Google accounts in the US

Download: iOS

Google Voice on iPhone

4. Skype (VoIP Call Recording)

Skype can not only be used to communicate with people online, but it can also be used as a free iPhone call recorder. It provides a built-in recording function, allowing you to record audio and video Skype to Skype calls on iPhones. The recordings last for 30 days in Skype but can be saved as MP4 files for future reference and sharing.


  • Record audio and video Skype-to-Skype calls
  • The recordings can be saved as MP4 videos
  • Share the recordings with another person


  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • Can’t record phone calls
  • Participants will be notified when the recording starts

Download: iOS

Skype on iPhone

5. Call Recorder – Voice Recorder (3-Way Conference)

It is a call recording app for iPhone designed to help you record phone calls from both sides. The list of recorded files will be stored and simplified for you. You can manage, share, play, delete, rename, and backup your call recordings.


  • Record phone calls from both sides
  • Support AMR, 3GP, MPEG4 format
  • Back up recording files


  • Automatically record phone calls


  • Collect too much personal information

Download: iOS

Call Recorder - Voice Recorder on iPhone

How To Record Without Using An App?

Of course, apps aren’t the only way to record phone calls. You have three options to record calls on iPhones without an app. All methods are detailed below.

Use Another Device

One of the easiest ways to record calls is to use a separate recording device. Follow these steps:

  1. Make a phone call on your iPhone.
  2. Turn on the speaker on the dial screen during the call.
    turn on speaker on iphone
  3. Use another device (laptop, phone, tablet, recorder, etc.) to record the conversation.

Use Your Voicemail Inbox

This is another method to record an iPhone call without an app. Follow these steps:

  1. Dial the number you want to call.
  2. Once the call has started, tap on add call.
    Add Call on iPhone
  3. Next, call the phone number that you’re using. This will redirect you straight to Voicemail.
  4. Wait until the greeting message and Visual Voicemail are over, tap on the merge calls button.
    Merge Calls on iPhone
  5. By doing so, it will merge the original call and your own number to voicemail.
  6. As a result, recording the phone call directly into your voicemail.

Use An External Recording Website

This method also uses the conference call recording technique to record calls. It allows you to view the recordings without an app. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to a recording website and create an account.
    Sign up for Recording website
  2. Read the website’s guide on recording phone calls.
  3. Follow the guide to record phone calls on your iPhone.


The above are the apps and methods of recording calls on iPhones. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. If you need a professional and reliable call recorder for iPhone, iKeyMonitor is your best choice. Ease Call Recorder is a good option if you are looking for a free iPhone call recorder with basic features.

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